History repeats itself; however, we are deliberate creators of the future!

The New Economy is all about REDESIGNING your life, and when we do it together we are stronger and a WEconomy is developed through collaboration. Fill out the form for your complimentary 30-minute consult!

Goodbye to the industrial age and welcome to the New YOU Economy where you have the option to redesign and customize your own life.

Connecting with people and the world around you. Our modern lifestyles can detract us from meaningful connections with the world, leaving us feeling unbalanced.

The New Economy is not so new; it began in the early 90s when the internet came around along with faster computers. I believe through research in biotechnology, a collaboration of like mindFUL people, and through online marketing, combining all will allow us to create our own personal economy. I wish to help relieve the discomfort people have in their lives and together we can make a global difference and prosper by doing what’s right.


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