The New Economy: It’s Getting Personal

Would you agree that the business landscape has changed drastically? Those who prepared are least affected, those who did not are most affected and unfortunately many have not yet recovered from the 2008 recession. There is a major movement in the way we do business and at the rate the world is going, it’s becoming more and more difficult for people to get back up or even get ahead. I volunteer at the Calgary Drop-in Centre and it’s been pretty rough out there for many and for a couple years now. You see more and more ‘regular’ people and couples coming in for a meal, even some that had been laid off with high-level positions. Pensions will soon disappear and job stability is diminishing at a rapid rate. Round 3, even round 4, of layoffs are still underway for many oil and gas companies. Big brand name companies such as Toys ‘R’ Us, Sears, Target, BCBG Max Azria, Peabody Energy (and the list goes on and on and if you walk down Robson nearly 20 storefronts have for lease signs), have all shut their doors – leaving many people unemployed, families in a scramble and the food banks busier than ever. If there is one common factor to many of the companies that have gone bankrupt – is that they did not innovate.

If you’re relying on one stream of income you may be in for a big surprise. No matter how much savings you have when that rainy day comes, it will soon be depleted. It used to be that we would change careers 8 times in our lifetime; however, job hopping is now the ‘norm’ for Millennial’s who average 15 – 20 jobs in their lifetime. And if you have been dipping into your savings (which many don’t have), or retirement funds, while waiting for oil and gas to pick up, you could be waiting for a while. We have seen an increase but don’t hold your breath, it will never be the same againThe economy does what it does best, it goes up and it goes down. It’s just a normal business cycle – some years are worse than others. If you have been dipping into your savings, ask yourself where will you find the funds to replenish that account? And to look further into the future, what do you want retirement to look like, most important what will it look like for you on the path that you are on?

When will you have enough of the paycheque to paycheque lifestyle? Do you find your dreams fleeting away from you? You’ve heard of the buzzword ‘New Economy’ and it describes the many new, high-growth industries that are on the cutting edge of technology. It has been the driving force of our economic growth since the late ’90s leaving behind an old system and old school players. As high tech tools, such as the internet, and modern computers, began penetrating the consumer and marketplace, the companies that watched the shift happen and prepared to flow with it, became part of the new economy and most are heavily involved in the internet and many in the biotech industries. The ripple effects of new technologies have spread out to all other industries that are catching the wave and riding it for what it’s worth. Smart planning.

Is your company on that wave? Let’s scale it down to our individual, personal economy. The important question is are you on that wave? There is a much bigger plan for society that most people aren’t aware of, or if they know, feel their voice is too small to create a change, or some people just don’t care and live life by default – complaining and blaming the government, blaming how they were brought up, blaming their lack of education, blame, blame, blame. If you’re reading this and you care it’s because you have dreams that are still alive in you. So what if I told you that there was a way to work together for the good of all as the new traditional business model? More and more organizations are striving towards building a more cooperative future. By putting humanity before the bottom line, by people helping people, they are finding their place in an economy previously dominated by profits and big business and run by big bosses who never had their employees in their best interest. If you have been laid off or fired then I’m sure that this hits home. I believe that collaboration is a shared revenue and is ultimately more sustainable that competition. Ways to earn income has changed – e-commerce is playing a large part at kitchen table presentations, while people are waiting for their flights at airports, during spare time off work and everything in our economy is pointing to a platform that has been around for decades and decades but was too advanced for a traditional 9 – 5ers to wrap their head around the concept, until lately.

Imagine securing your financial status by working only part-time just by helping people? Imagine changing the entire healthcare ecosystem by helping people with their health? Imagine contributing to the economy’s growth just by introducing people to a ground floor opportunity that can be worked from home or anywhere in the world? We need to start leading with compassion and working together in unity as if our economy depended on it – as if our communities depended on it, as if our family’s depended on it. But truly, as if our own lives depended on it, and it does, more than ever before. Look beyond what your radar screen can see and know that security and freedom are just outside of it. The world has changed and is continuously changing, are you willing to become open-minded and educate yourself on a better way or will you continue to cycle through a vicious circle of a broken system?

There is a better way and a proven system that has been helping millions for many decades get ahead and this system is the way of the future. We live in the most opportune time in history with the most modern and sophisticated technology to connect with each other. Understand how to leverage your time and money through the internet and you will have no boss, you will not be dependent on the economy and you will own a very handsome global business with incredible tax write-offs so that you can use your taxes as income. This is not for the faint-hearted but for the people who want more in life, who want to take control of their lives, who love to help our fellow humans and who still have a song left in their hearts. Look beyond that radar screen of yours for the sake of your personal economy.

End Carb and Sugar Cravings Now – Event in Calgary, AB, Canada

Attention Alberta, health care professionals, nutritionists, trainers, diabetics, people affected by chronic inflammation, Keto lovers, goal diggers, dream getters – mark your calendars for a very special class.
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iGalen in Calgary Event

Attention Carb & Sugar Addicts!

I used to think my job tired me out and drained me then I started to blame old age getting to me. Not true. How your day goes is dictated by what kind of food you start your morning with. If you’re fuelling your temple with a ton of refined sugar like bagels, muffins, cereal, toast and jam, or gut-wrenching egg McMuffins, you will crash in the afternoon. Not to mention the type of sugary lunch you may have such as pasta, sandwiches, noodles, rice. That equals big time carb crashes and as a result, we suffer from prolonged carbohydrate toxicity that causes inflammation which leads to almost all modern diseases. Notice around 2 pm everyone is headed for coffee or those nasty-good-for-nothing sugar-loaded energy drinks? Imagine what your children are going through as well at school with their sugary snacks, it’s no wonder children are being diagnosed with type-2 diabetes at such an early age! Continue reading

11 Amazing Benefits To Joining a Network Marketing Company You Didn’t Know Of

The business landscape has changed drastically, you are either flowing with it or swimming upstream. Network marketing businesses are quickly becoming the fastest growing form of entrepreneurship making it very easy and attainable for one to start their own business and work from the comfort of their home. For those that are employed by an employer, they can work this type of home-based business after work hours or during spare time for additional income – essentially you’re building a company within a company. Building your business out of the comfort of your home allows for flexibility that is difficult when renting or buying office/warehouse space as in traditional businesses, not to mention high monthly overhead costs. Network marketing requires major self-discipline, organization and most importantly, a massive and clear vision. With that being said the benefits can be quite substantial as you will read on. Here are some key benefits for creating a winning business in a losing economy and just a few of the many more advantages of the network marketing model over traditional business models.

1. Low Start-Up Costs Continue reading

My Cancer Story: My Journey Back into Health & Wellness

Thinking Beyond a Financial Rut

With the unfavourable prevailing economic conditions, people are undergoing a lot of stress. And if you live in Alberta then it has been magnified by ten fold so how do you think beyond this situation? The 2015 recession is going to leave its mark – in more ways than one and it’s not correcting itself anytime soon. In recent news, the major oil companies are now starting to lay people off. If you’ve been following the news, then you know it’s been an extremely crucial time for businesses, families, our children’s future, our parents who are going into retirement and much more. Suicide counts have gone up, crime rates have soared, foreclosures happening left right and centre, people are depleting their savings and RRSPs leaving them with major retirement setbacks, divorce has increased and Continue reading

11 Steps to Writing a New Life Chapter

Today is the first blank page of your new chapter for 2016 . Write with passion and with blue ink, white paper, always the way to go, don’t ask me why but a mentor of mine said it’s best and I would trust him with my life. You are the creator and author of your own story so leave the past behind but take any bad experiences and use them as stepping stones towards your success. Know that the power is always in the present. As we flip through the pages of our life, we relive a montage of memories bringing up different emotions through our ups and downs of our journey. We laugh, we cry, we love, we hurt, we win, we lose, we falter, but through it all we grow stronger. Continue reading

The Gracious Leader

You know you are a leader because you not only lead from the front line, you bring your followers to your side because you lead through the reproduction of leaders. You consistently make a point of investing quality time and resources to show your people the vision and that you believe in them, because only when your team succeeds, you succeed and it’s always a win-win situation for everyone. No matter what line of work, or industry you’re in, your duty as an authentic leader is to truly care about your people’s personal goals and dreams and to see the potential in each of them. You must find out what they lack and how to develop it, and then equip them with the necessary tools and resources they need to achieve their goals in business and personally. Continue reading

Retirement – The Somber Reality and How to Fix it

Most people spend more time planning their next vacation rather than their retirement. Most people don’t even have a road map to retirement and that’s why we see baby boomers working at their local grocery store not because they are bored but because they relied on the government to retire them, and sadly it is not enough. I give credit to those that try to create their retirement plan themselves, however circumstances will dictate how things will work out and that needs to be taken into serious consideration. I have come across many that are semi-retired that kept working but had to switch careers, find something part-time, and at this rate ‘fully retired’ just means that they can’t find another job and some may never be able to fully retire comfortably and most Canadians will not be able to leave any money to their family and many more children are taking care of their elderly parents. Continue reading

Find Your Vision and Hold Fast

When you have figured out your ‘why‘ in life, you must then decide on what you want to do, be and have. How do you want your life to look like? Will what you are doing right now get you to the life that you deserve? If you continue what you are doing for the next 5 – 10 years what will that look like for you and your family? Many people decide what they want their life to look like based on their current situation. What I tell my clients is to take 20 – 45 minutes with their journal and blue ink, and write down, if money wasn’t an object, all that their hearts desire. This step is THE most crucial because one of the main reasons why most people don’t get what they want is because they haven’t decided on it yet. Continue reading