Sex and the City Movie Review

If you’ve followed the series and have always yearned for more insight on these four fabulous women and wanted to know what happened after the last episode of season 6 in the happily ever after when Big rescues Carrie from Paris, this gives you the perfect finale of the four women that we have loved, hated and looked up to.  This movie was like a super long episode that made you laugh, cry, get shocked but most of all feel like you have been where they have been.  There were about 1/2 a dozen men in the sold out show, and let me tell you how hot the theatre was as the a/c was malfunctioning.  I’ve never heard so many emotions in one movie…they really did it this time and as sad as it is to see the show finally come to an end, I can say that I’ve learned a lot from the women.  They give reality shows a slap in the face as this is as real as it gets!  Be prepared with Kleenex and touch up make up if you’re going out after the show.

Men, if you wanna know how women think, if you wanna know how women feel, if you wanna know the otherside to better understand us, keep your balls on and check out this movie!  You’ll have a few laughs, I promise!  And for those who are cynical about this movie and about the hype then you don’t have to see it.  If the women are having fun planning SATC parties then so be it!   It’s a celebration of women!  And just remember, we leave you alone with your superbowl parties.

I give this movie a two thumbs up!



Love is Blind

I was riding up in a really old elevator the other day, you know, like the ones that you had to manually open and close the door and hold the button until you got to your floor. I noticed that there was an emergency button with brail underneath it. The only way you’d know what floor to stop at is if you counted each floor you passed. But how you would know when to let go of the button if you were blind? If someone is blind and able to find their floor and the emergency button, then how are the blessed with sight not able see the signs; especially the red flags?

It seems when you enter a new relationship you fall in love overlooking the red flags because as they say ‘love is blind’. If love is blind then what sees clearly? Why is it that when we fall in love we don’t see the red flags or we choose to over look them? Why is it even called a red flag at the end of the relationship when hind sight is 20/20? The characteristics of what we first fell in love with seems to annoy us later down the road. I remember dating a really funny guy. Like super funny, cute. He made me laugh with all his jokes and silliness and then months down the road when the honeymoon stage was over his jokes didn’t make me laugh anymore and he was the worst comedian I knew. I asked myself how in the world did I end up with this clown? Then I started to wonder how I ever thought he was funny in the first place. What makes up for all the red flags in the beginning that our tolerance level drops significantly later on in the relationship?

I find as time passes and I get more experienced with spotting the red flags that I didn’t see with the last guy so it becomes more apparent with the next (but love like you’ve never been hurt)…and much easier to ‘next’ him; if you know what I mean. But maybe the red flags are to test our acceptance or our love for one another. No one is perfect and you’ll never find that special someone that will be your everything. They say 80/20. Brutal. So the things that they are not, or the things that they do that you find annoying, you will accept because it is part of who they are and how they were when you first met them. Without those things they wouldn’t be who they are and who you fell for. You don’t have to love their faults or habits but just know that if it’s not one thing with someone it’s another with someone else and just accept them. The grass is never greener on the other side…just a different shade and sometimes the shade is called vomit…but that’s another blog.

Love is blind and so sought after, how about just dive right in or you’ll never know. I’ll keep going to my routine eye tests. So if practice makes perfect then NEXT! I seem to attract red flags, I mean overlook them! All my friends tell me I’m too nice, but those red flags will always keep appearing if you don’t change the way you do things in the ways of attraction. They also take place in your heart to make you smarter next time. So for the sighted see your floor and know when to let go of the button. Have fun riding that elevator!!!


Why is it that We Love the Chase and Bore of the Prize?

They say it’s human nature. I say it’s just part of the game…hence the chase. Then when you win the game is over…much like love or the pursuit of love these days. But it doesn’t have to end. We are constantly playing games in love, work, leisure, etc. What is the prize in the end of capturing love? So if love is supposed to be the prize then what keeps love from dying if it was so sought after in the beginning?

This conquest of love seems to change as the years goes by. It’s like the prize can be created by yourself as you progress and as you experience; if you choose so. Often people wonder why they keep attracting the same person over and over but if it’s not what you want then change your prize…Calgarians, pick your prize just like as if it were Stampede. So when you get to the finish line we often reconsider…is this really what I want or is this really what I thought I wanted? And when the chase is over, the excitement is gone maybe because the actual medal was a distortion of the authenticity of the gold that it was and ended up being gold plated. Yikes! But you won’t know unless you get to that point or shall I say unless you ‘jouyz le jeu’.

If there wasn’t a game then there wouldn’t be any players. Just in the last few years I have come to terms with the word “player”. A player isn’t someone who has many interests on the go and is sleeping with all of them and being dishonest…that’s just a jerk, but a true player is someone who is testing the waters, being true to themselves and their interests and going through the numbers until they find someone that they want to devote their time to and be exclusive to without selling themselves short or settling. Even at that point you are still in the game. In the whole grand scheme of things it is the game of life and love is a small but crucial part of that game.

It isn’t all about winning…it’s about having fun while chasing. Finding out that the person you are chasing isn’t the one is not a complete loss, or loss at all, but an experience to take on the next and not to have it confused with being jaded (that’s another article). But finding someone that keeps you interested in after you win is the pot of gold, or platinum if you wish. The victory I am going say is continuous interest and attractment. But just like any other play it’s the love of the game. You win some you lose some but it’s all about the experience and fun that you had while doing it. I can’t wait to get into a game but this time before I chase I will select the prize that I want. Have fun and keep chasing until you find you reach your victory. But for now I’m glad I can run in heels.