Put Some Brave and Trust in Your Coffee Today!

YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW! If you live your life with doubt then you’re not living. I’m not saying that the grass is greener on the other side; it’s just a different shade. It may, or may not, be greener, but you will never know unless you check it out…not with one foot over the fence though, 111% check it out. You have to trust that voice in you to do what your heart wants, because if you continue to listen to those other little voices of lies that tell you that you ‘can’t’ or ‘shouldn’t’ do then you will always be living a life of ‘what if’ and that, my friend, will fill your life full of regret and wonder. Who are you to predict your future? Are you a fortune teller? Are your friends? Only you can CREATE your future because YOU are the creator; you are the author of your own book, you are the director of your own movie. Who are others to judge your life and your decisions? Only YOU know what’s right for your life.

God put specific people and situations in our lives to test us; to see how bad we really want it. The big picture is there, you’ve already imagined it, you’ve already seen it, and now it’s time to move forward and put it into fruition. You can do it! Stop dreaming, wake up and live your dreams! In reality, to be alive is like a lucid dream. If you’re afraid, then you are letting doubt and fear win and rule your life. Instead, turn that emotion into excitement, into a sweet spot, and feel good about it. You were excited when you first thought of your dream but then the lies started to seep in and fill your mind because of other people’s image and wants for you and it began to distort your perception of the truth. The truth within yourself. The white noise takes over and soon you feel the way others see you as; not good enough, not able. Pretty much the biggest lies and b.s. anyone could ever say about you. It’s not true. Look at the lives of the people that are lying to you. Are they doing what you want to be doing? Then how can they tell you how to get to your dreams if they don’t even see the same picture and image of yourself as you do?

Today my best friend’s mother past away and it reminds me, again, that life is way too short to feel bad at all and not go for what you want. You have ONE life, maybe a couple chances at things but that’s not even guaranteed. It’s too short not to make amends with people, to not speak up for your beliefs, to not align yourself with your higher purpose. What do you have to lose? I’ll tell you what you will lose. You will lose a chance that you probably will never, ever get back. Tomorrow is not guaranteed and unless you were able to get extra lives from the Super Mario game then you better think long and hard at who is on your team. Go for it!

If you see a better way, day or life, then quit being a ‘fraidy cat’, because you’re actually quitting before you even try. I hate the word ‘try’ but what’s worse are quitters. Quitters are the ones that stay in situations that they aren’t happy in; they quit being the best they can be so they allow themselves to stay in limbo because it’s safe and comfortable and that’s all they know and visualize for themselves and perhaps those around them act as the devil’s advocate just so they have company. Successful people didn’t make it because they listened to those that said they couldn’t do it, they didn’t make it by sitting back in fear. They went for it and so can you! So if no one else believes in you, I DO. But you have to do the work. You have to be smart about it. You have to take that chance! You have to believe in yourself. You have to keep pushing! Or… you can stay just where you are. It’s up to you. I have a set of inspirational and motivating cds that will change your life, if you would like to message me your email address I would be happy to share them with you for free. Step out of your comfort zone, believe in your Self and change your life. What is your story? <3 @rinachong

The Importance of a Meal Plan

I never knew the importance of a meal plan until I got one from fitness goddess and my personal trainer, April Ferguson. I had always been a pretty healthy but luscious eater, if that makes sense. Everyone says, as long as you exercise you can eat whatever you want. Wrong. April says that if you cut yourself in half and see exactly what our bodies had to digest that I wouldn’t even eat half of the groceries I think are healthy. No matter how much any one works out it really cancels itself out if you aren’t eating properly, clean and raw based, nothing processed.

Meal planning is the advanced planning of the menu for the next few days, weeks or even the entire month. This plan allows you to not only plan your meals to be prepare but as well as shop for the items that need to be purchased to prepare them so you’re not wasting time and money on unnecessary and usually unhealthy food. Meal planning is important because it helps to ensure the meals meet your nutritional needs, as well as manage your grocery budget. When meals are well planned in advance you are ensuring that you are receiving your daily requirements of nourishment specifically tailored to you and your goals and your budget. You’d be surprised at the money you save too by sticking to the plan.

Below is an example of 1 day of my meal plan:

Drink minimum 3 litres of water throughout the day.

Meal #1:

Carbs: 40 – 50 grams oatmeal

Protein: 2 egg whites

Fibre: 1 tbs mix (chia, hemp, goji berry mix)*

Meal #2:

Evolv shake only 1 1/2 scoops, add 1 tbs mix* and 2 tbs of berries

(Evolv SHAKE uses a nutritious blend of natural ingredients and vitamins using only naturally-sourced, low GI sweeteners. It is the first of its kind to contain the patented, all-natural, USDA-developed ingredients CalorieControlTrim® and ModCarb™, both rich in health-supporting oat beta glucans.)

Meal #3:

Protein: 2 tbs hemp

Carbs: 1/3 cup organic quinoa

Veggeis: 2 cups plant based

Meal #4:

8 Mary crackers w/ 2 tbs of cream cheese spread and 1/4 avocado for healthy fats.

Meal #5:

4 ounces of extra lean ground turkey

2 cups of steamed veggies

Salsa and spice to taste

Meal #6:

Evolv shake 1 1/2 scoop, add cinnamon and nutmeg NO fruit

New meal plans must created every 4 weeks. It’s like shampoo or creams, you eventually get used to them so you need to switch it up. Contact April for your meal plan and watch those pounds drop in even a few weeks! ~@RinaChong

How to Handle Criticism

Criticism….how do you handle it? We have so many euro-pathways and habits that have been engrained and conditioned in us that when someone criticises you, you feel instantly offended or horrible and you even start second guessing yourself. But you feel that way because it’s a habit to feel that way but it can be changed by how you absorb information and what is the truth to you. Think about why you feel horrible when someone criticises you. Is it valid? Is there some truth to it? Does it hit home? When I get criticized I don’t feel bad about it at all, because it’s not an issue for me. It’s taken me years of practice but I’ve changed the way I take in information, sometimes depending on the source.

When someone starts criticizing me I thank them and listen and take in what I want because I am human and don’t know everything and they might actually have a valid point at something that I can do better at and that is their way of caring for me. But I know that what they think is not the way I think, and what they think doesn’t affect the way I think nor does if affect my life because I am the creator of my own reality and so are you! So next time someone says something to you that you know in your own heart is not true, remember one of the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz: Do not take anything personally. And never criticise someone for you have never walked in their shoes and you do not dream the same dreams. Some Angelism on a Monday for you to wind down from the long weekend with people that come from all walks of life, so accept everyones differences! ♥ @RinaChong

Operation: Earth Angels 11:11

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Earth Angels are all about giving and watching over those that call on us. This page was created for like minds please share your ideas on giving here! Peace ♥

“Give yourself entirely to those around you. Be generous with your blessings. A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.” ~Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” ~Winston Churchill

I decided during Christmas 2011, that in addition to volunteering at the local shelter, or donating money, I was going

to wrap a gift and ‘personally’ give it to someone less fortunate on the street near where I used to live in Tinsletown. Tinsletown is located in Vancouver, BC, Canada, near Gastown which is an emerging and very trendy neighbourhood; however, it is also near Hastings on the east side Woodward’s, where the street lies in the original heart of Vancouver’s historic downtown, formerly known as the Great White Way because of its neon displays, and unfortunately now a notorious open-air drug market (aka the troubled Downtown Eastside) where the cops walk the beat as they are segregated in their few block radius. Being born and raised in Calgary, and spending much time volunteering downtown for the homeless, I was still never exposed to so much darkness and so many lost souls in one area and eventually seeing it on a daily basis where I lived you could imagine that it slowly started to chip away at me, making me wonder how I could change things. With a small and simple act of love, compassion and giving, you can make a difference in someone’s life, if not for a lifetime but even for just that moment. And as we live in the moment, the NOW, imagine the moment you can give to someone. Whether or not you believe someone less fortunate deserves love is up to you. I believe we were put on Earth for a much greater cause than for ourselves, a greatness to be shared with other fellow angels. We all have wings but some of us need help opening them up 🙂

I remember as a child my mother struggling as a single parent and not having Santa come to my home how disappointed I was to not have any gifts to open and that made me think about how many others may not get to open a beautifully wrapped gift on Christmas Day. As I got to know the homeless people in my area and learned of their story I still see them and say hi to them when I visit the area. They each have amazing stories. They are like anyone who is trying to make it in this world but just aren’t getting the breaks they need. If you think homeless people are lazy and don’t deserve anything just move on and do what suits you to contribute to the love and compassion that’s needed in this world 🙂 Below is what Operation: Earth Angels 11:11 is about:

1. Fill a shoe box with as many goodies as you can. Please ensure that you don’t put any type of cans or bottles in it unless you include a can/bottle opener. As well, no nuts or bran or anything spicy (I learned that last summer as some do not have teeth and the bran is…well not so good if you know what I mean). Things like mitts, a coffee gift card, a book, chocolate, juice boxes, a gift cert, a book, vitamins, etc.)

2. Wrap it up in THE best wrap job you’ve ever done or call me for gift wrap services and the money will go into the gift box.

3. Include an inspirational note in the card.

4. Take a picture of your gift along with your inspirational note and post it to this page.

5. Go down to your local homeless shelter or an area where you know someone is in need of some love and watch their face light up when you give them their gift 🙂

6. Like and share this page please 🙂

My goal is to have thousands and thousands of pictures from ALL OVER THE WORLD in light of the human spirit!!! So if you want to raise the love vibrations, like this page, share this page and participate with your gift of love! I can’t wait to see all the creative wrapping and inspirational quotes! If you have a quote by you, please post it on this page as an Earth Angel.

It’s a small gesture but may mean the world to someone and I hope you will find the time and spirit in your heart to participate!! It doesn’t only have to be during Christmas, you can give year round and post whenever your heart desires! Being in the age of social media I hope that this spreads all over the world and I would be so honoured to see gifts from around the world posted here! Let’s make this love action go global!!! Comments and suggestions are absolutely welcome! Thank you, thank you, thank YOU! Love is the highest frequency! Namaste! xos ♥ @RinaChong

Thank you so much to everyone on my admin panel that is helping make this go global!! I love you and need more of you in this world!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU AND KEEP SHARING THE POSITIVE LOVE AND VIBES! XOS

11:11 AM 12.21.12

“In government-directed economies, the collective takes priority over the individual. The moral ideal is equal results. That approach could not be further removed from the real world.” Paul Ryan

We live in a world of freedom but we are bound by societies and laws. We are bound by expectations of family and friends and are judged by the constant media that flows in waves and dictation. As humans, we participate as a whole, but in wars we fight battles in teams and forget our unity as a collective, as oneness. The world is starting its rage again for no other purpose but for the birth of enlightenment. We are embarking on a new awakening as Dec. 21st, 2012 nears. A new energy will reveal itself and we will witness the beginning of the ‘Golden Age’ and the Age of Aquarius. The earth will also undergo a Precession of the Equinoxes by this date; this event occurs only once every 26,000 years so I believe that the people that are going to witness this and live through it will no doubt be pioneers of our time. We have much more to prepare for, not in the sense of what’s to come but for what is happening now. Inside of ourselves. Self. With the economic downturn comes turmoil within; anger, confusion, hurt, egos. The pain body that house the spirit is the exact opposite of what time on Earth is meant to be. The vibrations that are reflected and rippled outward, throughout our countries, have been built and embedded in us from old thought patterns that were solely fear based, keeping the world stagnant and keeping our minds in a barbaric-like mode in some instances. We are shifting away from the selfish imaginations of our realities based on yearning, despair, lack of, war and separation or possession. It is happening NOW. If you don’t feel it yet, believe it.

The more I speak to people the more I realize that others are aware and have been on the path for some time, there’s just more of us as we shift our belief systems to our own. There are too many coincidences to ignore the fact that we are experiencing a deconstruction of the old and an emergence of the new faster, yet still on track as predicted. In reality, there are no coincidences. If you are someone that sees 11:11 all the time then you can you agree that this transformation has been happening for some time now; preparing us by teaching and showing each and everyone of us signs. There is a shift happening, whether you believe it to be an apocalypse, a return of Planet X or the Golden Age, the planet will soon come to an alliance. The world will finally see a white light and we will all have to work together to survive this new age as an improved reality that’s based on hope, abundance, peace and connectedness is born.

The transformation into the Age of Aquarius is based on the Aquarian philosophy of transparency where we no longer hide who and what we really are. We stand up for our rights as an individual and use more of our multi sensory feelings to guide us through life. We are becoming more receptive to those around us and becoming less deceitful as our senses allow us to see right through the negative and discover anyone who is. Although our dreams are what fuels our hopes and desires people are moving away from ‘what ifs’ to what now? Right now. Now. One of my favourite books is Ekhart Tolle – The Power of Now (not so much the audio, his voice is way too soft to listen to in the car but amazing to listen to if you’re walking around the seawall). As well as The Book of Secrets by Deepak Chopra and my all time favourite that has been my bible is Gary Zukav’s Seat of the Soul. Awaken to the fact that a new era is upon us. Remember that we have the ability to co-create the future is hopeful for ourselves and this planet. If you can’t save the world you can start by saving those around you. Give more. Be happy. Respect others. Be true and love your Self. Do not fear. Namaste! <3 @RinaChong