My 28 Day Metabolical Reset

Life is a struggle…but it doesn’t have to be. Join me on my journey as I become a [better] version of ME through a 28 day Metabolical Reset with, nutrition expert, Melissa Sterling. This is NOT a shake challenge this is the real deal with real will power and real food and is a supervised program with a chef through a pharmaceutical grade detox kit.

My mission is to collaborate with my nutritionist, Melissa Sterling, in Calgary, in the beginning of July 2013, and have people join me on my 28 day journey to a better ME. I want to help educate and give people the courage to move from an unconscious state of mind to a conscious state and to live longer and be stronger for their family and friends and to feel not just good but feel fantastic everyday! Feel free to comment, ask questions or check back for videos of my progression. It’s going to get pretty raw here and I’m going to get pretty honest with how I feel about the foods I eat or liquids I drink. Please share this with people that you care about and help me help the people you care for.

I’ve always been pretty care free at how I treat my body, I like to meditate and I do moderate exercise and if you know me well I love to cook, eat and dine out and I LOVE, LOVE my sauces and wine. Ever since I moved to Vancouver, a few years ago, I started to feel flabby, I don’t like to bake but I can’t seem to get rid of my muffin tops and I’m tired of having to suck it in all the time. I was losing my hair (still am) and at one point I’m sure I was able to make a wig out of my blow dry sessions. I got my thyroid test done and that came back negative. I got rid of my job and relationship stress and I am STILL losing my hair and the doctors have no clue what’s going on. I feel groggy when I wake up and feel frazzled with my to do list. Life should be lived in a state of wellness, well-being, not in an unconscious state of lethargicness. As most of you know, I’m pretty positive but I have to admit that I feel it physically and that makes it more of a challenge to stay positive.I not only want to feel fantastic in my head but I want my temple to feel fantastic too! I need a vacation so badly that my body is about to go into sleep mode and I’m tired of it. I want to live longer, be stronger and with that I know I have to make a drastic lifestyle change with healthy choices on a conscious level. And so I have decided to take that step. I not going to lie, I’m a bit hesitant and it’s a bit scary but I have too much to live for and I deserve better. We all do.


Overtime, the buildup of toxins from the environment and lifestyle choices can compromise the way our bodies work and feel and can lead to health issues.

It’s about providing nutrients to your body in a form you can easily absorb. A metabolical reset is going to stimulate your body’s natural metabolic detoxification process while providing targeted nutritional support for both fuel and cleansing.

This program/experience is going to support your energy, improve your sleep, increase your ability to manage stress and help your overall well-being.


Melissa is a force of nature aiming to change the way we look at health, nutrition and our bodies. Starting in July of 2010, Melissa went to work with Dr. Iyer at the [Better] Health Clinic in Calgary. After meeting with the doctor and hearing their diagnosis, patients would have a consultation with Melissa where she would help them better understand what the doctor was telling them and how to implement it into their daily lives. Through these daily consults with patients and working with Dr. Iyer, Melissa gained hands-on experience with a variety of conditions and issues and an understanding of how to improve them.

Everyone is fighting the same problem, its not about what to do about our specific issues, but how to prevent them by addressing the cause. Most often, this cause is our diet, since what we put into our bodies becomes the building blocks for the very cells that make us. Melissa teaches to engage with positive foods versus how to avoid the negative ones.

Through her experience Melissa also learned that no one solution is appropriate for everyone, people need a program tailored to their individual needs and situations. However, these programs will only work for people who want to get results. Her goal is to make you a better version of yourself through health.

I am so excited to be working with such a talented and knowledgeable spirit! When the Universe sends you the people that will change your life you need to be aware of them and thank the heavens for bringing them to you and for that I am thankful for Melissa. Calgary here I come to get a better version of Rina! I hope you will join me on my Facebook page and on You Tube soon. Thank you and cheers to longevity!


The Art of Being

Today I was on the beach with my friend and I was looking at him thinking about how long we have been friends for and how I will miss him when I head back to Calgary for a month to do a metabolical reset (I’m excited to share that with you very soon). Then I started thinking that what I was looking at would eventually be in the past and that everything on Earth is just an illusion. A physical illusion that leaves memories that are merely flashbacks or recollections that are brought on by certain smells, sounds, feelings.

As we move along, we are simply just in the state of being without attachments, only modifications to external and material and development within. As we feel, touch, smell, taste, see we are just depositing more into the memory bank as well as strategically creating our next move for our next moment.

The mind can hold so much yet humans keep much anger and worry within and are on a constant battle to reach destinations, goals; they envy what others have or have done that they forget to chill out and just be. Be you. Don’t dream of being someone else and stop thinking that you’ll feel better if you lost a couple more inches, or how a raise will solve all of your financial problems or how you can achieve celebrity status because media is making you feel like you’re not good enough.

The ultimate success is the state of being, once mastered, everything else just follows suit. And remember, we aren’t taking any stuff from Earth with us; clothes, yachts, people, whatever that is solid particles, emotions, not even any of the memories when we actually reach our ‘final’ destination. So the faster you become unattached to everything the easier your life will be. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself and JUST BE…. I love this song: So sweet…♥ Rina xos

Social Media: Trickling its way into Wealth Management

Social media began a new era and highway for sales and marketing in 2005. During this time wealth management firms quietly watched on the sidelines, taking the reactive approach, while meticulously figuring out how social media could impact their business without giving too much information away. With that being said, it made the wealth management sector slow to adopt social media into their arena. When the 2008 crisis happened, and the economic recession followed, the perception investors had of wealth managers and financial advisors left a sour taste in their mouths; making them take matters into their own hands by doing their own due diligence and research through friends and family and conversations on various social networks. The problem was that advisors were not in on these conversations.

Other reasons why social media was slow to acclimate in the wealth management sector was due to the fear of legal ramifications, reputation and brand protection, as well as thinking that social media was just a fad. Of course some of the older advisors that did business the ‘old fashioned way’, via telephone and one-on-one coffee meetings at Tim’s, were also major paper pushers that rarely used computers and were not so hot-to-trot for this new route of communication and marketing. So when social media hit the scene, the leaders of that era weren’t entertaining the idea of using it for fear of making a mistake, had no time and didn’t want to be bothered to be trained on this new age marketing. And of course, there are also those that are ‘content’ with the business they were receiving from referrals. I believe, in any industry, that if the older generation of leaders do not take head of social media, they won’t be able to lead in the next couple of years; they must be open and willing to embrace and engage people online in this digital age. Keeping up with the Jones’ is not a game in business, but a reality if you want to keep up with the market.

It’s been only in the past couple of years that the adoption of social media for wealth management firms has evolved. They realized and accepted that the way companies communicate with potential, and existing, clients have changed; therefore, making advisors aware that they have to be more engaged and proactive in their communities. While wealth management is a peer driven industry, both for advisors and clients, keeping connected and communicating is vital in making a presence online to meet offline, especially in a world that is now drowning with millions of users on the web searching and communicating. Social media is not a game of popularity but the numbers are still rising. It does, in fact, build reputations for advisors by influencing clients with their expertise, as clients share their learned wealth of apprehension with their family and friends. Posting varied and abundant information is beneficial if all you want to be is a billboard; engaging and participating in conversations is far better than traditional marketing ways with a much more considerable reach to educate and influence. So the more engaged you are, the more searchable you will be, creating trust and brand recognition; which, of course leads to more referrals while leaving footprints in your community as an industry leader.

Using social media for two-way communication has the following benefits:

Low cost                                              

Builds online presence

Increases web traffic                            

Engages clients

Brand/product awareness                    

Crisis management


Global reach

Wealth management firms can easily start engaging with the following 5 suggested social tools: LinkedIn, Twitter, financial blogs, podcasts/vlogs, and once that’s rolling, a social media press release will have to be sent out.  Citi Group shows a great example of how they are industry leaders by using social; you can find their social networks and blog at the bottom of their homepage at So if you’re a small fry, or just new to an industry and you want to get noticed, then social media is the best way to let the World Wide Web know how you can contribute to the world. The only downside with most of the free applications of social media is the time you need to invest in it. Having a department, or social media manager, handle your social is more attractive to people that are too busy but know they can’t ignore the fact that they need to jump on the social media cruise. With the unpredictability of modern times, why stay local when you can go global with word of click?

Is Your Mortgage Feeling Well?

Yesterday I had lunch with Brent, a good friend of mine who is a mortgage broker and like the saying goes, ‘You learn something new everyday.’ And I did. Like Brent, we both love to help people and in his case he helps his clients save thousands of dollars and even puts some extra cash in their pocket. Do you know the difference between good debt and bad debt? If not, you definitely need a checkup. We all get medical checkups, our vehicles get checkups so why not get a mortgage checkup? Just because you think you got a good rate 5 years ago, or even 2 years ago, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look into every possible avenue to save some money. Many people need to look at the bigger picture and when it’s written on paper with where you are now, where you will be and where you want to be you would be surprised at what you see.

Mortgage checkups are absolutely free. If your mortgage rate is 3.5%, or higher, my friend can save you money…that’s right, pull out those documents because you can’t quite remember what you signed for. All mortgages aren’t the same, there’s a lot more to a mortgage than just the rate and my eyes almost glazed over when he explained it to me but it made sense and he went into detail because he cares and with Brent everything is transparent. We tend to just leave it up to the banks or lenders and trust that we are getting the best deal out there forgetting that they are limited to promoting their products. I’ve always used a broker for anything because they don’t work exclusively for one specific company and you are in their best interest to find you the best deals and rates. Even if your mortgage is not due for a while, he can probably save you money by making a switch and if you are looking for a new mortgage he will be able to shorten your mortgage pay off date from 25 years to 21 years at no extra cost to you. That’s 4 years of sans mortgage sounds like a pretty good vacation coming up or some other debts paid off!

Before you sign anything, make sure you are protected against interest rake hikes because when it comes to dealing with a financial investment as large as your home, you really can’t afford to ignore it. Take advantage of historically low rates and contact my friend and tell him I sent you. Or if you’d like he can contact you to discuss your mortgage. There is also a nice referral program in place that will pay you to tell your friends that I can tell you all about as well.

Do yourself a favor and get a mortgage review right now because you could end up with a whole new financial outlook, money in the bank and a happier lifestyle! Brent can help you with that and I highly recommend him to you. It’s free and if it ends up that you do have the best possible rate for your situation then at least you know! You have my vote of confidence and if you let him know I sent you I promise he’ll roll out the red carpet. Brent Francis can be reached via email at Thank you.


The Know It Alls That Assume They Do But Really Don’t

When you assume it makes an ASS out of U and ME…but mostly you. I went to a BBQ this weekend and brought my best, single, male friend with me; he is very grown up and there was no babysitting needed with him so I was able to network and make new friends. At the end we were leaving and saying goodbye to a group of 4 and one of the ladies that I am an acquaintance with pointed to me and my male friend asking us in a very awkward way if we were, you know, she wouldn’t say it but she is still pointing at both of us and making that face right before you ask a question that you really shouldn’t, then says again, “Are you two…” Fornicating? No, I didn’t say that, I finished her question with “in an exclusive intimate relationship?” She clearly didn’t know me at all but felt relieved when I answered her question with a ‘no’. perhaps she was interested in one of us whatever the case was, we left and the conversation went on about how people like to assume. I remember writing a Facebook status asking if men and women could be friends but apparently when you walk in with the opposite sex that is not the case and automatically you are a +1, with kids, perhaps a dog, maybe a cat and for sure a gold-fish.



  1. Suppose to be the case, without proof:  “afraid of what people are going to assume”.
  2. Take or begin to have (power or responsibility):  “he assumed full responsibility for all organizational work”.

To assume anything can be dangerous and embarrassing and means that people believe things to be a certain way based on what they think it would be in their world. I would hate to see what she would assume if I walked in with 2 of my single guy friends! Ha! But there I go assuming. People that assume think they are correct when really they have no concrete evidence that it is true and if nothing is said, or there is no further research done could potentially lead to major story telling and the game of ‘telephone’ (which a message is passed on, in a whisper, by each of a various number of people, so that the final version of the message is usually distorted from the original – therefore creating a rumour) if they have a big mouth and a megaphone and then that could be damaging as the stories that go around get recycled by people who listen to hearsay. It just blows me away that just because you walk in with someone of the opposite sex, not even holding hands or showing any kind of affection that would give people the idea that you were together exclusively. So I asked her, why would you assume that we were and she said (and I’m not kidding) she said, “Because you walked in together.” It’s not like he carried me over the threshold LOL! Or when people get upset and assume that you’re just being rude for not replying to a message. MAYBE THEY ARE BUSY AND WILL GET BACK TO YOU WHEN THEY ARE AVAILABLE. And if you think someone is being rude or isn’t interested…. then why would you want to be involved with a rude person anyways? LOL PATIENCE my little glasshoppa…now that topic is for another day.

One of the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz (which I highly, highly recommend and is one of my very first and most favourite authors that helped me begin my spiritual journey in 1997) is DON’T ASSUME. Very simple. What the curious lady could have asked is simply how we know each other. So this is just one example that I have shared with you and there are many more but the point of this is that in any kind of situation where you find yourself thinking you know it all and assuming you do is to ask yourself these questions: Why am I assuming this? Do I have concrete evidence? And unless you are an entertainment columnist that is trying to make the front cover of some trashy entertainment magazine, who cares? The best thing to do is to keep your mouth shut and go straight to the source and ask. And whether or not your assumption has been confirmed true, still the best thing you to do is to keep your mouth shut. Other people’s lives are not up for discussion because it’s no one else’s business but theirs. And remember, when someone is bad mouthing other people you can bet that they are doing the same thing behind your back. Be very careful of those people and keep your distance. Danger! Danger!

Below are the four agreements I live by and honour. When you are able to practice only these 4 simple agreements that you make to yourself your life with transform and so will the people around you. Be aware of the conditioning you have been through and release those habits.

The Four Agreements are:

1. Be Impeccable with your Word: Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the Word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your Word in the direction of truth and love.

2. Don’t Take Anything Personally Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.

3. Don’t Make Assumptions Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.

4. Always Do Your Best Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse, and regret.

Please, quit assuming things. Thank you.