My 28 Day Metabolical Reset

Life is a struggle…but it doesn’t have to be. Join me on my journey as I become a [better] version of ME through a 28 day Metabolical Reset with, nutrition expert,┬áMelissa Sterling. This is NOT a shake challenge this is the real deal with real will power and real food and is a supervised program READ MORE

The Art of Being

Today I was on the beach with my friend and I was looking at him thinking about how long we have been friends for and how I will miss him when I head back to Calgary for a month to do a metabolical reset (I’m excited to share that with you very soon). Then I READ MORE

Social Media: Trickling its way into Wealth Management

Social media began a new era and highway for sales and marketing in 2005. During this time wealth management firms quietly watched on the sidelines, taking the reactive approach, while meticulously figuring out how social media could impact their business without giving too much information away. With that being said, it made the wealth management READ MORE

Is Your Mortgage Feeling Well?

Yesterday I had lunch with Brent, a good friend of mine who is a mortgage broker and like the saying goes, ‘You learn something new everyday.’ And I did. Like Brent, we both love to help people and in his case he helps his clients save thousands of dollars and even puts some extra cash READ MORE

The Know It Alls That Assume They Do But Really Don’t

When you assume it makes an ASS out of U and ME…but mostly you. I went to a BBQ this weekend and brought my best, single, male friend with me;┬áhe is very grown up and there was no babysitting needed with him so I was able to network and make new friends. At the end READ MORE