Metabolical Reset – Week 2

Week 1 of my metabolical reset is officially complete. WOOT WOOT! I’m celebrating with a double lemon water on the rocks…literally on the rocks. Thank you Universe for sending me the team of amazing support! Melissa Sterling, of Sterlingize, for always having my vitamins and shakes ready on hand and educating me on EVERYTHING! Ben Hambright, one of our core and founding tribe members, for always having the best juices and grab bags for me to go as well as teaching ME how to cook healthier. And of course to all of YOU that I am accountable to.

Metabolical Reset - Week 1

Metabolical Reset – Week 1

Besides labour and having dry sockets when all four of my wisdom teeth were removed THIS has been the next toughest challenge. Changing my neuro-pathways in the next 3 more weeks will save my life and not only make me live longer but live healthier. I have too much to live for, too many dreams to make come true still and too many people that are relying on me; I don’t want to be in Hospital for how I treated my temple.

There are 2 phases to transform toxins so they can be eliminated from the body and both phases have to be in balance with one another. I’m halfway through phase 1 so during this phase, a group of over 50 enzymes called the Cytochrome P450 system converts non-water soluble chemicals into water soluble for easier elimination. This process involves oxidation, which produces free radicals (oxidants) and other harmful compounds that may be linked to countless health conditions. You learn something new every day!

I thought I was pretty healthy, I trained and used to work at a gym, I thought I ate healthy until this. I’m learning, growing and detoxing for a better me. I’m so blessed and grateful to be on the right path. Cheers to health!


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Lemon water on the rocks...literally.

Lemon water on the rocks…literally.

Healthy Starts at Home

On day 5 of my metabolical reset and it’s going amazing. One of my followers of my Become a Better Version of You with Rina Facebook page is a bachelor and has a difficult time eating healthy at home. Because he is single he is always eating out and does not do any grocery shopping due to the lack of time and education on what to buy. He has stopped grocery shopping as it was a waste for him when he found himself throwing so many things that had gone bad into the garbage. As a new client, and someone who has decided that he wants to be healthy moving forward, I am going to Sterlingize his kitchen by doing a kitchen re-organization for him and that includes a fridge detox, cupboard clean out and re-org and then the fun part, stocking his kitchen with healthiness and easy to grab food for his go-go-go lifestyle. SHOPPING!!!

Health starts from the home and if you do not know how to eat or snack healthy at home then of course your habits will be the same out in the world of restaurants and fast food. The importance of what to eat that works for your body is very important. Many people think that they are healthy simply by eating or buying things that magazines or books say are good for them. The reality is that everyone is different and everyone’s goals are different and how your body processes food will never be the same as how your really thin and fit friend does.

A kitchen re-org is a must for any one, single, partnered up or family style. What I recommend is to have a consultation with my nutritionist and transformationist, Melissa Sterling, to ensure that you are aware of what nutrients and supplements you need to fuel your body correctly and then we book a meeting to assess your kitchen then we book the next meeting to Sterlingize your kitchen! Melissa will create a weekly shopping list for you and I’ll check up on you at the end of each week to see how your doing with your new and improved lifestyle. The small steps are what it takes to get you to a better version of you. Please connect with me to book your consultation for a kitchen detox. Cheers to health!


Healthy Snack Shopping

So one of the main things that I was concerned about on my Metabolical Reset was the snacking. I am a huge snacker and I am a savoury person for sure rather than sweet. In this post I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned on how to shop for snacks and what my snack cart consisted of from Community Natural Foods. First of all never shop hungry! Very important.

  • Seaweed Snack – Low calorie and high in nutrients, good stand in for chips and satisfies the crunchy, salty snack craving.
  • Coconut Milk Beverage – This is a treat, not a food but it’s leaps and bounds over soy and cow dairy and it’s very tasty.
  • Water – Glass bottles are obviously better than plastic and reusable. 9.5 pH water is great because Melissa says that alkaline is better for me not sure why yet.
  • Organic Dark Chocolate Bars – No added refined sugar or chemicals or additives is actually a really healthy food, high in antioxidants and is Melissa approved, I’m so happy she encourages me to eat this! PHEW!
  • Bananas – Is a good alternative for sugar cravings and because they are high glycemic index is good to eat in the morning.
  • Agave Syrup – Natural sweetener and a great alternative for refined sugar.
  • Organic Dandelion Honey – One of the most healthiest things for you and have never heard about it until now (I have been juicing dandelion leaves which are usually quite bitter) and I’ll be using it in my detox tea tonight.
  • Kiwis – Extremely good for boosting up your immunity and improving digestion it can help clean body of toxins and fight disease. Very alkaline and high in vitamins (especially vitamin E) and nutrients.
  • Goji Berries – Extremely high in antioxidants more than any other fruit I know about. Great for throwing on top of salads, cereals and even on top of tea so make sure you chew them really good when in the tea, for some reason it gives off so much more benefits when warm.
  • Natural (unscented) Epsom Salt – High content in magnesium, it can improve the quality of sleep and reduce muscle tension. Natural remedy.
  • Wild Rice – Rice is difficult to digest and is unhealthy because of the way it’s processed. Lead and arsenic are found in high quantities. Wild rice is actually a plant and the only type of rice/grain that is allowed in my detox.
  • Nutritional Yeast – I tried this on my salad for the first time and it’s a vegetarian source of vitamin b12 which is crucial for protecting red blood cells and very high in protein, fibre and folic acid. 2 tbs of this has more protein that a full cup of whole milk, or an ounce of beef. Nice!
  • Pumpkin Seeds – They are very rich in magnesium, recommended by holistic professionals because of its high content of protein, fibre and fat. If you add seeds to your salad your body will absorb more minerals and nutrients from the greens you are already eating.
A healthy snack cart

A healthy snack cart

And voila! Education leads to understanding and this whole experience feels transformational already. Just looking at this in another stance is making a world of difference thanks to Sterlingized! Stay tuned for more happy, healthy shopping carts. Thank you for reading and please follow me on Facebook as I embark on day 3 tomorrow of my journey to a better ME!


Karmic Choice

The centre of the evolutionary process is through choice and is the engine of our evolution. Choice is an intention; it may be though the intent of love, compassion, pain or revenge; whatever the case it will open doors to what you intend it to lead to. An action or thought is an aspect of intention which serves its own values and goals and the intention will create the reality of the karmic path that opens up based on the thought choice. Being aware of the choices you have through the experiences or the foundational responsibilities that are offered through cause brings you one step closer to conscious evaluation.

Your life may be headed in a direction that you don’t want but your actions and thoughts are what is taking you there and no doubt that it is not in alignment with your choices. Being aware, or having knowledge about something is not always being conscious. Taking action on the knowledge that you have by applying it to your life will shape your karmic path. The foundational situation is the point of choice and how you come to will determine what will come back to you. If you are angry, suffering and blaming you will in return get more of that intent. Create responsible choices by acting with love and with love being the highest frequency you create a surrounding full of light and positive energy.

Choosing the experiences you want and being responsible for how you act, react and create, you entering a conscious dynamic. A responsible choice is that of being aware of the consequences. When you do not choose anything you then live by default and then live by effect. When faced with a challenge even through emotions, be aware of your thoughts and feelings and ask yourself how you really want to feel. When you decide how you want to feel then clarity sets in and your thoughts become actions putting the decision into fruition. This is authentic power. The energy of your soul is built through wisdom and guides while fear and doubt hold you back. You gain or lose power by the choices that you make, by the food that you choose to feed your temple and with whom you choose to surround yourself with. Heal with love. Choose love. Create love.

Metabolic Reset – Week 1

Here we go! Coming to Calgary to start my Metabolical Reset and continue my Become a Better Version of You with Rina during Stampede was the best challenge! Even before my move to Vancouver I had not been on the Stampede grounds in a while but this time I worked the VK Imports booth to go along with my health kick to save some money, make some money as well as see some blasts from the past. Because it was my first week of prepping for the reset, I was more aware of what I was putting into my temple. I’m at the age where if I don’t start now it will be too late and I have too many people that depend on me so I need to stay as healthy and strong as ever.

For me, when I set my mind to something it is never half assed; but of course, like I said, Stampede was a challenge and full of temptation so I did not deprive myself but proceeded mindfully. Because I was nourishing my body and getting it ready for detox I thought I would be hungry all the time but I have learned that when the body is hungry it is actually just needing nutrients. When my body had enough nutrients I wasn’t as hungry and was able to cure any cravings with water. During the my shifts at the Stampede I was inhaling the apple essential oil scent which is great for an appetite suppressant.

I have been feeling ok. Change is change and most of the time it is for the better although it sometimes doesn’t feel like it but you have to trust that it is. I have been feeling empowered by my decisions to say no to things that I normally would eat/drink up. It’s all in the mind and your desire for it. I have been juicing a lot and eating mainly raw veggies and fruit and I did have a couple cheats at the Stampede but nothing major to throw me completely off.

Metabolical Reset - Week 1

Metabolical Reset – Week 1

“Metabolic Rejuvenation by DouglasLaboratories is a comprehensive 28-day, 3 phase detoxification support program with nutrients specifically chosen to prepare the body through elimination, support phase 1 and 2 liver detoxification, and repair the body and intestinal tract. One Metabolic Rejuvenation box includes 4 bottles (one for each week) with convenience packs and a patient guidebook. The goal of the first week is to open pathways for elimination and prepare the body to properly detoxify in the next phase. The goal of week 2 and 3 is to support phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification of the liver. The goal of week 4 is to replenish lost nutrients through the detoxification phase and provide specific nutrients to repair the gut.”

I’m ready for the change and if you are please contact me for more information how you can join me on your own journey to health. This cleanse is pharmaceutical grade so you will not find this at a health/nutrition store. Thank you for your support!


Metabolical Reset Happy Grocery List

Below is a list of what I purchased for my first round of healthy groceries for my metabolical reset. The goal is vegetables so in your shopping cart you should have approximately 80% vegetables and 20% fruit. Buy what you need and what you like and remember there are many things that are left over you have from chopping can go straight into a juicer! Just keep a Ziploc bag aside for the ends. In non-organic shopping choose items with a thicker skin.

Food for the Temple

Food for the Temple

Acorn squash || Apples || Avocados || Baby cukes || Beets || Bok choy || Broccoli || Butternut squash || Casaba melon || Celery || Cilantro || Cucumbers || Dandelions || Eggplant || Garlic || Ginger || Grapes || Kale || Mushrooms || Onion || Oranges || Parsley || Pumpkin seeds || Red, green and yellow peppers || Spaghetti squash || Spinach || Sunflower seeds || Tomatoes || Watermelon || Yam

Food for the TempleThe best thing to do when you get home is to spray all of your fruits and vegetables with Cinderella’s All Purpose Cleaner (Unscented) and soak it in a sink full of water for up to 30 minutes. This way your fruits and veggies are readily available for you to grab, munch or cook with.

Cinderella's All Purpose Cleaner

Cinderella’s All Purpose Cleaner

Check back daily for more tips and a daily diary of my new journey to a better me! Thank you. @RinaChong

The 1st Day of the Rest of My Life – Metabolical Reset

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. As per my previous post regarding my 28 day metabolical reset, the first few days from today on are about preparing for the reset. I have been in Calgary since Friday and have finally settled into my nutritionists home as a ‘live in program’ which means that I’ll monitored and there will be no cheating but I will have support which is the most important thing for success. I was becoming mentally prepared for this as I know that this would be the biggest challenge I’ve ever done, willingly, next to giving birth to a child. To be honest, I second guessed myself being successful at this because this would mean getting rid of all the rich foods and sauces that I love so much. This reset is not about taking things away but adding more nutrients and healthiness into my life.

Today I went to a Stampede BBQ and because I was in the right head space and was aware of what was good for me, I think I made some pretty healthy choices. The food was abundant and as an example there were 10 different kinds of chili to choose from and the booze was flowing. I skipped the booze and had a bowl of vegetarian chili and a tiny scoop of the mild one with meat (I’m not cutting out meat 100% just yet, I’m Alberta born and raised and I LOVE my medium rare steaks), a few good healthy splashes of hot sauce that’s really good for your metabolism, an open faced beef on a bun and a Pellegrino water. I declined the ice-cream and stayed far away from the chips and that was really hard for me to do. I could have gone for seconds but I felt really good not feeling overly full and lethargic and in this heat you could definitely get to that state fast.

This week is preparing for what I’m going to be putting into my temple so I went grocery shopping for the week for fresh produce. When shopping for food there is only one side of the grocery store that you will be doing most of your shopping at as well your cart should have a healthy mix of vegetables and fruits. Approximately 80% greens and 20% fruit is the goal. As you will notice below the cart looks full of raw, healthy goodness from the Earth.

A happy grocery cart

A happy grocery cart

What you are putting into your body you should be able to pronounce the ingredients. Stay tuned for recipes, grocery lists, tips and my daily diary of my new journey to health! As well please ‘like’ my Facebook page: Become a Better you with Rina for daily updates and if you’re interested in being part of this and experience your own transformational journey contact my nutritionist, Melissa Sterling, who is taking me on this grand trip! Thank you and if you are on Twitter please follow me there as well. Thank you so much for your support, I’m really, really excited to feel better about myself! @RinaChong