Big Dreams = Big Challenges = MASSIVE Rewards

If you are going through some really big challenges in life right now, just know that they have been presented to you because YOU CAN handle it. Remember the last time you went through something really difficult and you felt overwhelmed and the struggles were just too much? You thought that you would never be able to make it through and you wished that it wasn’t happening and that the light at the end of the tunnel was never coming. Then after some time through dedication, strength, drive and the passion to hang on and move forward, that silver lining finally broke through and now it’s all a distant memory. Yes, you remember. And I bet you are even sighing a little.

Well, well, well. Surprise, surprise. Here you are again taking new ground, trying to close the door behind you so that you can open the one in front of you or even better yet, build your own door of opportunity to break down. There are going to be many obstacles, people or circumstances that are not in your control that will try to discourage you from going for your dreams, but you knew that was bound to happen and you are prepared. Remember that average people get average problems but you, my friend, are most certainly not average, so that is why you are have huge mountains to climb. When you are an extraordinary person that has a voice, a mission and a plan, you know that you will be faced with setbacks, challenges and will have to make the necessary changes to make your dreams come true. No one small changed the world. No one small made their dreams come true. No one small listened to those that were small-minded for small minded people have worlds like can’t and don’t in their vocabulary.

Be ready to face new challenges, face people who don’t understand you, that are jealous of you and want to knock you off balance, but that’s ok. You will keep minding your own business and know that when people’s opinions of what they say about you or what you’re doing is not in alignment with you it’s only because your goals are not in alignment with theirs, again that’s ok. It’s ok because you accept that everyone is unique and trust that everyone is doing what’s best for them. It’s not their dream, or life, it’s yours and yours to live and dream with.

When are faced with that challenge, take it as a clear sign that you need to shift your energy to things or people that are in alignment with your path because those are the people that will help carve that path for you and love you no matter what. When you decide you want to take on the world, make your mark, leave a legacy, you are going to get people that will stand in your way and tell you you that you can’t or tell you that they care for you but then leave you because it’s not what they would do. That’s not unconditional love, nor is that help from them. So when they decide to leave you because they don’t agree with your life, then thank them for what they have taught you and know that you are better off without that distraction and discouragement. If you aren’t making someone’s life better or adding value to it then you should also let those that do the same walk out of yours if they choose to and be ok with that. You are more than average, you are incredible and amazing being and to even go for something that stemmed from a thought/dream already puts you at the half way mark but the rest of the way is not going to be easy. It is not going to be easy but it can be done and you can do it because you have been prepped for this from your previous challenges.

Stay focused and mind your business because what anybody else says isn’t your business. Who do you listen to? Listen to those that have made it. Never mind those that are jealous and gossip, you can’t please everyone and you sure as hell do not need approval from anyone, friends or family. You need to save your energy for yourself because it’s going to be a long haul and depending on the size of your destiny you are going to get the same sized challenges and you are going to feel that you are being beaten up and defeated but when you come out a winner you will be tougher than before and promoted to new challenges and to a new stage of life. You are equipped with everything you need to win! Be aware, stay focused, be positive, keep going, keep winning! Keep the faith.


Indian Food and Urban Lifestyle

Indian food is known for its simplicity yet the fare is immensely diverse and the aromatic scents are not to be mistaken for any other cuisine. Indian food is brimmed with spices of many strains such as cumin, turmeric, ginger, garlic, red chili powder and the traditional dried spices of mustard seeds and curry leaves to compliment and of course the dishes all vary from region to region. The fresh ingredients and spices nourishes the soul and has also been used for medicinal purposes even thousands of years ago and yet it still satisfies the palate. Nevertheless, don’t be deceived for Indian food in the western culture is still seen as conventional and offered with much respect and honor and is definitely not limited to only curry or butter chicken. If that’s your thought of what Indian food is then you have not explored enough.

Even though the marriage of traditional Indian food and urban living has created innovative forces of global commercial integration, also affecting many other countries, Indian food remains unique as the evolution of its spices has stayed traditional. The recipes that are carried down have been around for centuries and have been strong in retaining its authenticity. In a generation where traditions and rituals are dying off there is the part of the western society that is becoming more aware of the ailing disadvantages of meat (Hindus avoid meats due to religious reasons). The decision to eliminate meat out of eating plans due to religion or spiritual accordance makes it more convenient for people to turn to Indian food as most dishes you’ll find on any menu are chock-full of lentils and vegetables. Their vegetarian dishes have been welcomed into many homes of the nouveau-healthy and spiritual adventurers that have a wide variety of plates which may include staple vegetables such as cauliflower, spinach, potatoes, green beans, okra, green peas and eggplant.

Indian cuisine is still evolving and evermore so flowing with the trends of our modern society dictating what restaurateurs will add or delete from their menus. And as a result of the global interactions with other cultures, it still shows its modesty and offers even more creative flavor and flair, infused with health consciousness in mind. As people are getting back to basics through the awareness and understanding of simple nourishment, Indian restaurants everywhere are now offering gluten-free items and fresh organic and local ingredients to cater to the collective regarded as the era of chic urbanites. Not to mention that yoga as an addition to this more active but peaceful  lifestyle seems to be blending extremely well creating a new market and niche for owners of Indian restaurants. At Siddhartha’s Kitchen we match the present pace of contemporary lives and demands of diverse health paths as well as taking the holistic approach of ancient Ayurvedic preparations as it is the core of Indian kitchen. Siddhartha’s kitchen commits to traditional gluten free vegetarian preparations, vegan options and we only purchase Oceanwise certified seafood. Chef Siddhartha can often be seen in one of the local east produce store purchasing selected ingredients. We hope to have you in our restaurant to see and feel for yourself. Not only does food have to taste good but it has to make you feel good and we provide that and more.