There is an Artist Within Each of Us

Each of us has a story and our stories come from different places through character, emotions, realizations, choices and of course demographics, circumstances and upbringing all come into play. Imagine our lives as artists – painting through expression without words but through feelings that are invoked by our passions that motivate and move us. We have canvasses that we put our stories on with fluidity; pure movement created with a reflection and put into fruition by our conditions and experiences, unfolding the ultimate memoir, in color. A journal that we are expressing from our own perception, through our own facts, knowledge, history and our own truth.

Beautiful, picturesque history flowing so freely without boundaries or judgment. Deep down, we are all artists and how we decide to express ourselves is entirely up to us. No one has to believe it, like it or even have empathy for it, nor do they have to understand it; therefore, no one can tell you that your art is askew or appalling, and thus no one can take it away from you. We all choose our paint and brushes of the moment and our style will vary based on our vision, growth and reality. My vision is glorious. My growth is steady. My reality is what I choose to create.

Imagine two people who just went through the same experience. At that moment, everything was identical; however, it would not affect them the same. They would not feel or react the same as the other, or learn or even see things the same as the other person. What they have grown up believing and knowing is completely different when they were clearly conditioned, they were painted a different picture growing up and they painted their own paintings based on their thoughts and lessons. So when you see someone, do not judge for you have never walked a mile, not even a minute, in their shoes. Love and appreciate the beauty of the different genres we are creating through love and emotion so creatively. Paint freely and with passion. We are all artists. We must respect each other as fellow artists because there is an artist within each of us.

Mastering the Game – Enjoying the Reality of the Illusion as a Gamemaster

The only thing that you should ever have to fear is being bound to your own Self limitations and the conditioning that you have been enveloped into a warmth and comfort contributing to the false illusion of your reality. You are a vibration of your thoughts. The very thoughts that create your world is exactly what you have attracted and is in alignment to what is needed for your growth as you trust in the process that is unfolding for you. You are mastering the game.

The Goddess is within you and the time has come to recognize the divine energy that has always been with you, that has always embraced you. Opening your mind to a new realm of understanding, nourishing your soul with inspiration and your heart with love; defining the value of life in a perpetual manner. A new way of experiencing the world as a playground in a world that inspires you to create harmony through love and joy, increasing the natural frequency positive vibrations taking you further into a vortex as you master the game.

Like a diamond in the sky, Mother Earth radiates her intense beauty as she sparkles with all her might through the void of time, space and energy of the Universe. Perhaps you have a knowing and sense of security like wings embracing your spirit and the belief of a higher power that watches over you that has been divinely inspired. You trust and begin to play in the reality of an illusion that shapes into a fate that has been organized accordingly to your souls purpose; mastering the game.

The cycle of a new Earth has come as Mother Nature reclaims what is rightfully hers and restores her majestic grace. A calmness brings clarity after the storm, rejoicing those that have lost. Grand trees replenish and satiate the deep blue skies as clouds burst into a surge of heavenly love forming promises of a new future. The stillness brings out a harmony of relief creating a symphony of appreciation and tenderness. When you are still, when you are one with Earth you can hear her calling your name, welcoming you to the beauty of what life’s halcyon existence, the spiritual and physical honor through divine choice. We don’t live on Earth we are earth, God within each of us. We are each a game master. Welcome to the Aquarian Awakening and enjoy the reality of the illusion as a creator and master of the game.


Toxic Relationships: What is the Payoff?

I hear so many women/men in terrible relationships tell me whey they stay. They stay because of comfort. Because they have invested so much time. They stay because they still love the other person but love them for when they first met, now things are not so dreamy. Since when did loving someone else come before your Self? Since when did you ever allow someone to make you feel less than what you are truly worth? You’re actually comfortable settling for something that you know is not for you? You’ve invested so much time that you actually want to invest more time not being happy? What kind of life is that? Oh wait, a friend reminded me that people stay in relationships for kids too…how could I forget that classic excuse. Stay in a hell for kids? What are you teaching them? That you are not worthy enuogh to have love? Why does dad sleep in the basement mommy? How come mom and dad don’t hug or kiss? Or why do you guys fight all the time? If it’s for the kids then make it for the kids, they are so impressionable and if you think they don’t see it they do. Kids are smarter than you think and there is nothing wrong with 2 parents loving their children and parentlng them apart. Be true to yourself and true to your kids. They will eventually put two and two together. Children associate the word ‘love’ with emotions and feelings. How you teach them about love is how they will continue in their lives. Do you want your child to think it’s ok to stay in an unloving or even abusive relationship?

If you didn’t like it you wouldn’t order it so why are you in it? Doors only open once you close the door to a past that does not suit you well. You have 2 choices: 1. Stay, make changes in your Self (because if you think you can change someone by manipulating them you can’t or if you think someone will change for you they won’t) and accept it OR 2. Know that this is your only chance at life and get enough courage or self love to leave and stop complaining. If you’re in a situation where you have to be a constant private investigator you have issues. If you have to check your man’s phone all the time you have issues. If you hate it when your gf wants to go out and looks hot, you have issues. You have issues of control. Stop trying to control others and get control of your own life. And if you are allowing someone to control you then you live by default.

Happiness is the only way in life. And if you’re not laughing anymore or if it feels like a chore then it may be time to let go. It may not feel good at the time but it will be a huge weight lifted off your shoulders and don’t make the mistake I made by staying unhappy in a relationship for much longer than it had expired. Although I don’t have regrets I do regret the length of time I chose to stay in something that wasn’t for me when I could’ve been spending all that time with my friends and family instead. Be brave!