Effective Tips to Work from Home

If you are an entrepreneur then you work mainly from home. For some time now, technology has allowed contractors, or sick employees, to work from home or anywhere in the world. There are many benefits of working from home and yet there are also many challenges with a home office. If you have been in the corporate system for a while then adjusting to the loneliness at home with no more water cooler conversations or people to go for lunch with can get a bit lonely at times. I ventured out on my own in about 2007, I was laid off work and decided I was going to start my own personal shopping service and back then, besides LinkedIn, social media, for business, did not really exist.

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How Do You See Others?

How do you see others? How you see others is what they will see in themselves. These are friends, family, partners, employees, coworkers and most importantly, children. When you see the best in people, people will be their best for you. If you are someone that immediately thinks negatively about people you haven’t even met yet, it may be a reflection of what you really think of yourself and how you think you would be judged. When you do that, you are only pre-judging and that is never fair. It’s not fair because you are creating an un-truth in your mind and assuming that you know something when really you don’t.

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How to Brand Yourself by Maximizing Social Media – A Beginners Workshop for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Date: Wednesday, February  25th || Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

If you’re still not up to speed with social media you may be eating dust! For a limited time, discover hands on training for growing your brand and business in social media and internet marketing training at this 2 hour workshop. Register here. *Note: This workshop has very limited seating

What other small businesses and companies hire me to do for top dollars is now available to you in a beginners 2 hour workshop. This course is a beginners training session on social media with event marketing as the focus. If you, or someone you know, needs to skill up on this avenue or anything mentioned below:  Continue reading