5 Tips to Effectively Close Your Next Big Deal

One of the most important stages of selling is actually closing the deal. With so many changes happening globally it shifts the way consumers are purchasing. The economy is a roller-coaster and right now it’s downsizing, Canadian’s are outsourcing more from other countries, unemployment has increased, gas prices are half of what they were last year this time and it doesn’t seem to be rebounding any time soon. But in history, a downturn only created harder workers, more entrepreneurs, unconventional methods of selling, explosive growth in other industries, tons of new products to market and most important a new trend of buyers. Now is one of the best time to create opportunities as conventional methods of selling is blasé and in reality customers have so much more competition to choose from.

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The Organizational Benefits of Personal Leadership Effectiveness

With the oil crisis and what’s happening with the economy globally, businesses are looking to change processes to become more effective. Efficiency in human capitalism plays a key role in the success of any business where lay offs have been rolling out like hot cakes. Keeping skilled employees in the right jobs is still proving to be an important factor in the current economic climate; however, many businesses are finding that to keep the engine of a business going they need to invest more in to their people.

Personal Leadership Effectiveness is what makes a successful organization, it doesn’t matter if a person is the President, CEO, a manager or a valued employee. The foundation of personal leadership is all in a person’s “character”, which essentially is who they are at their core, their fundamental qualities.

To gain a competitive advantage, people must govern themselves and lead from within. A successful organization dedicates their leadership to their employees by building and sustaining their culture and know that their modus operandi could not be played out authentically if they don’t focus on a strong character-centered personal leadership foundation.

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The Top 11 Attributes of an Authentic Leader

There are Managers and there are Leaders. They really go hand in hand but the difference between them is that Managers have control and subordinates and give their people a system to work by and also have short range view. Leaders inspire and develop their people by leading by example, challenging people to go past their limits and always have a long range view. Leaders guide people to see beyond their radar screen and work with them to do the right things and really have others in their best interest.

Authentic leadership is about being the person you know in your heart that you have always been destined to be. Authentic leadership does not come from what kind of car you drive, your title or from the size of your pay cheque. Instead, this form of leadership comes from your true essence of being and the person that you already are and the people that you help effectively.

Here are 11 things that authentic leaders do on a regular basis:

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The Formula for Achieving Personal Leadership

  1. Take charge and make things happen. Avoid having a victim mentality and take responsibility for being disciplined and creating new habits that lead to being proactive and positive; and so you can be responsive instead of reactive.
  2. Live life with a massive sense of significance. Develop a healthy self-concept, looking at yourself in the mirror and being happy with who you are, recognize your uniqueness and realize you can make a huge difference. Every situation presented is an opportunity to grow.
  3. Embrace all challenges as positive opportunities. It is CRITICAL to have a positive attitude in any situation. Embracing a negative situation and not letting it go causes stress that can demoralize your individual performance and your overall productivity in all parts of your wellness wheel. Using that energy will only attract more of what you put out there.

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