A Personal Post on Paying it Forward

I don’t usually publish personal posts on LinkedIn but it seemed to hit home for so many Facebook friends that I thought I would share it with my teammates here to spread the love. I wasn’t looking for praise, or an award; however, the power of social media proved to do exactly what my intentions are for this platform, sharing thought provoking ideas, evoking passion and inspiring others, uniting as an Earth community (obviously with the exception of China and other countries that do not allow social media).

I never wake up with the news, nor do I watch it before bed, I actually don’t watch a minute of trash-vision, so last night right before I closed my laptop for the night, a friend from across the boarder was inspired by my story and gave another family hope and even shared my story with them as he filled up their gas tank when the man could only afford to put in $7 and of course there was more to the story but the point is that what a beautiful story it was all because he was touched by my story below.  Continue reading

11 Steps to Writing a New Life Chapter

Today is the first blank page of your new chapter for 2016 . Write with passion and with blue ink, white paper, always the way to go, don’t ask me why but a mentor of mine said it’s best and I would trust him with my life. You are the creator and author of your own story so leave the past behind but take any bad experiences and use them as stepping stones towards your success. Know that the power is always in the present. As we flip through the pages of our life, we relive a montage of memories bringing up different emotions through our ups and downs of our journey. We laugh, we cry, we love, we hurt, we win, we lose, we falter, but through it all we grow stronger. Continue reading