1st Date Dont’s for Men

By Rina Chong

1. Don’t be late!
Be on time, but don’t be too early if you’re picking up your date ,so they don’t feel rushed. Be 10 minutes earlier if meeting at a public location, so you’re able to greet them when they come in.

2. Don’t show up all ‘blinged out’ and overly dressed up
And don’t top off the look with a bath in cologne beforehand.

3. Don’t go overly extravagant
Yes, it’s great to want to impress someone; however, if you really can’t afford to do so, you will be setting the bar too high and often expectations will set in.

4. Don’t go to places that you’re infamous for
There’s nothing worse than taking your date somewhere you stumbled out of last Friday or that is your claim to fame for serial dates there. Plus, you don’t need the constant interruptions/distractions when you’re getting to know someone…which takes me to the next point.

5. Don’t be distracted
Give your date your full attention. That means leave your cell phone on silent and keep it off the table. Always make eye contact while speaking and listening. Gentlemen, if you have wandering eyes keep them in check at least for the duration of your date.

6. Don’t order a messy meal
This is the time to really communicate and get to know someone rather than focusing on not to get ribs, wings, burgers, etc. all over your face and clothes (or off your face and clothes). Tip: Never order for a lady unless you know exactly what she likes.

7. Don’t get drunk
This is very important for your first time meeting. You want to be on the ball, so you don’t make any bad judgments and you want to remember what you learned about her, so you’re not asking questions that she already answered on the first date. Unless you’re taking physical notes, keep your mind clean and clear so you’re memory will be in check.

8. Don’t talk about your exes
If they do happen to ask, keep it short and light, speak of them with respect. No one likes to hear what a bad mistake you made.

9. Don’t do a magic trick when the bill arrives
This is always a touchy one because times have definitely changed. If your date offers to pay for their share ,it’s up to you if you want to accept it. Either way, always be prepared to pay for the entire bill if you have asked someone out. *Save the coupons for when you enter the Couples Community.

10. Don’t invite her to your place for a night cap
Unless it is completely mutual and your signals are absolutely clear, one-night stands are not recommended nor what gentlemen do. This is not high school anymore, it’s not cool and you will ruin your reputation not only in the dating community, but in your social blueprint if you’re constantly running into people that you have slept with; not to mention the chances of catching a disease these days runs higher. Ew.

And with that note, the most important thing while dating is to have fun, be you and be safe! One last tip for your books: If something came up and you are not able to make it, DON’T wait until the last minute to cancel a date! She’ll be happy that you gave her enough time to make new plans! Happy connecting, loving and laughing!!

1st Date Do’s for Men

w/♥ Rina Chong @tips4gents

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