My 28 Day Metabolical Reset

Life is a struggle…but it doesn’t have to be. Join me on my journey as I become a [better] version of ME through a 28 day Metabolical Reset with, nutrition expert, Melissa Sterling. This is NOT a shake challenge this is the real deal with real will power and real food and is a supervised program with a chef through a pharmaceutical grade detox kit.

My mission is to collaborate with my nutritionist, Melissa Sterling, in Calgary, in the beginning of July 2013, and have people join me on my 28 day journey to a better ME. I want to help educate and give people the courage to move from an unconscious state of mind to a conscious state and to live longer and be stronger for their family and friends and to feel not just good but feel fantastic everyday! Feel free to comment, ask questions or check back for videos of my progression. It’s going to get pretty raw here and I’m going to get pretty honest with how I feel about the foods I eat or liquids I drink. Please share this with people that you care about and help me help the people you care for.

I’ve always been pretty care free at how I treat my body, I like to meditate and I do moderate exercise and if you know me well I love to cook, eat and dine out and I LOVE, LOVE my sauces and wine. Ever since I moved to Vancouver, a few years ago, I started to feel flabby, I don’t like to bake but I can’t seem to get rid of my muffin tops and I’m tired of having to suck it in all the time. I was losing my hair (still am) and at one point I’m sure I was able to make a wig out of my blow dry sessions. I got my thyroid test done and that came back negative. I got rid of my job and relationship stress and I am STILL losing my hair and the doctors have no clue what’s going on. I feel groggy when I wake up and feel frazzled with my to do list. Life should be lived in a state of wellness, well-being, not in an unconscious state of lethargicness. As most of you know, I’m pretty positive but I have to admit that I feel it physically and that makes it more of a challenge to stay positive.I not only want to feel fantastic in my head but I want my temple to feel fantastic too! I need a vacation so badly that my body is about to go into sleep mode and I’m tired of it. I want to live longer, be stronger and with that I know I have to make a drastic lifestyle change with healthy choices on a conscious level. And so I have decided to take that step. I not going to lie, I’m a bit hesitant and it’s a bit scary but I have too much to live for and I deserve better. We all do.


Overtime, the buildup of toxins from the environment and lifestyle choices can compromise the way our bodies work and feel and can lead to health issues.

It’s about providing nutrients to your body in a form you can easily absorb. A metabolical reset is going to stimulate your body’s natural metabolic detoxification process while providing targeted nutritional support for both fuel and cleansing.

This program/experience is going to support your energy, improve your sleep, increase your ability to manage stress and help your overall well-being.


Melissa is a force of nature aiming to change the way we look at health, nutrition and our bodies. Starting in July of 2010, Melissa went to work with Dr. Iyer at the [Better] Health Clinic in Calgary. After meeting with the doctor and hearing their diagnosis, patients would have a consultation with Melissa where she would help them better understand what the doctor was telling them and how to implement it into their daily lives. Through these daily consults with patients and working with Dr. Iyer, Melissa gained hands-on experience with a variety of conditions and issues and an understanding of how to improve them.

Everyone is fighting the same problem, its not about what to do about our specific issues, but how to prevent them by addressing the cause. Most often, this cause is our diet, since what we put into our bodies becomes the building blocks for the very cells that make us. Melissa teaches to engage with positive foods versus how to avoid the negative ones.

Through her experience Melissa also learned that no one solution is appropriate for everyone, people need a program tailored to their individual needs and situations. However, these programs will only work for people who want to get results. Her goal is to make you a better version of yourself through health.

I am so excited to be working with such a talented and knowledgeable spirit! When the Universe sends you the people that will change your life you need to be aware of them and thank the heavens for bringing them to you and for that I am thankful for Melissa. Calgary here I come to get a better version of Rina! I hope you will join me on my Facebook page and on You Tube soon. Thank you and cheers to longevity!


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