The 1st Day of the Rest of My Life – Metabolical Reset

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. As per my previous post regarding my 28 day metabolical reset, the first few days from today on are about preparing for the reset. I have been in Calgary since Friday and have finally settled into my nutritionists home as a ‘live in program’ which means that I’ll monitored and there will be no cheating but I will have support which is the most important thing for success. I was becoming mentally prepared for this as I know that this would be the biggest challenge I’ve ever done, willingly, next to giving birth to a child. To be honest, I second guessed myself being successful at this because this would mean getting rid of all the rich foods and sauces that I love so much. This reset is not about taking things away but adding more nutrients and healthiness into my life.

Today I went to a Stampede BBQ and because I was in the right head space and was aware of what was good for me, I think I made some pretty healthy choices. The food was abundant and as an example there were 10 different kinds of chili to choose from and the booze was flowing. I skipped the booze and had a bowl of vegetarian chili and a tiny scoop of the mild one with meat (I’m not cutting out meat 100% just yet, I’m Alberta born and raised and I LOVE my medium rare steaks), a few good healthy splashes of hot sauce that’s really good for your metabolism, an open faced beef on a bun and a Pellegrino water. I declined the ice-cream and stayed far away from the chips and that was really hard for me to do. I could have gone for seconds but I felt really good not feeling overly full and lethargic and in this heat you could definitely get to that state fast.

This week is preparing for what I’m going to be putting into my temple so I went grocery shopping for the week for fresh produce. When shopping for food there is only one side of the grocery store that you will be doing most of your shopping at as well your cart should have a healthy mix of vegetables and fruits. Approximately 80% greens and 20% fruit is the goal. As you will notice below the cart looks full of raw, healthy goodness from the Earth.

A happy grocery cart
A happy grocery cart

What you are putting into your body you should be able to pronounce the ingredients. Stay tuned for recipes, grocery lists, tips and my daily diary of my new journey to health! As well please ‘like’ my Facebook page: Become a Better you with Rina for daily updates and if you’re interested in being part of this and experience your own transformational journey contact my nutritionist, Melissa Sterling, who is taking me on this grand trip! Thank you and if you are on Twitter please follow me there as well. Thank you so much for your support, I’m really, really excited to feel better about myself! @RinaChong

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