1st Date Do’s for Men

By Rina Chong

We have the ‘dont’s down pat from my last post so let’s check out some of the do’s. If you’re doing all the do’s then you won’t have much time to do the dont’s! I hear from so many women that chivalry is dead. There may be some do’s on the list below that you’re not comfortable with, so there’s absolutely no pressure. The point is to just have fun and let your date feel special with a few tips below.

  1. Do meet in a unique public place.
  2. Do be on time or 10 minutes earlier if meeting at a public place.
  3. Do greet her at the door with a confident smile.
  4. Do stand out from the rest of the contenders and show up with a little something for her.
  5. Do compliment her on something you notice and like about her (only if you truly mean it and be wise on what you are complimenting her on).
  6. Do open the car door and doors for her.
  7. Do maintain good eye contact.
  8. Do ask her about herself.
  9. Do be an interesting date.
  10. Do make sure you’re listening and really hearing what she is saying.
  11. Do laugh and smile.
  12. Do fill in awkward moments with a quick subject change or joke.
  13. Do bring enough money to cover the entire bill if you choose to pick it up.
  14. Do offer your hand to her when she gets out of the car or offer your arm when walking together.
  15. Do pull out her chair for her, but not from under her.
  16. Do walk her right up to her door at the end of the date.
  17. Do give her a hug and if the signal is clear a sweet goodnight kiss.
  18. Do be chivalrous.
  19. Do be safe!!!

Please note: Even if you were to do everything on this list, how well the date goes will still be dependent upon the chemistry between both parties and only then will a second date be determined. Chivalry is still alive!!!

I invite you to make comments below or share some of your do’s. And if you see me at a Blenz, please come over and share your thoughts with me; would love to hear them! Until then, happy connecting, loving and laughing!

1st Date Don’ts


w/♥ Rina Chong @tips4gents

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