Metabolical Reset Happy Grocery List

Below is a list of what I purchased for my first round of healthy groceries for my metabolical reset. The goal is vegetables so in your shopping cart you should have approximately 80% vegetables and 20% fruit. Buy what you need and what you like and remember there are many things that are left over you have from chopping can go straight into a juicer! Just keep a Ziploc bag aside for the ends. In non-organic shopping choose items with a thicker skin.

Food for the Temple
Food for the Temple

Acorn squash || Apples || Avocados || Baby cukes || Beets || Bok choy || Broccoli || Butternut squash || Casaba melon || Celery || Cilantro || Cucumbers || Dandelions || Eggplant || Garlic || Ginger || Grapes || Kale || Mushrooms || Onion || Oranges || Parsley || Pumpkin seeds || Red, green and yellow peppers || Spaghetti squash || Spinach || Sunflower seeds || Tomatoes || Watermelon || Yam

Food for the TempleThe best thing to do when you get home is to spray all of your fruits and vegetables with Cinderella’s All Purpose Cleaner (Unscented) and soak it in a sink full of water for up to 30 minutes. This way your fruits and veggies are readily available for you to grab, munch or cook with.

Cinderella's All Purpose Cleaner
Cinderella’s All Purpose Cleaner

Check back daily for more tips and a daily diary of my new journey to a better me! Thank you. @RinaChong

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