Karmic Choice

The centre of the evolutionary process is through choice and is the engine of our evolution. Choice is an intention; it may be though the intent of love, compassion, pain or revenge; whatever the case it will open doors to what you intend it to lead to. An action or thought is an aspect of intention which serves its own values and goals and the intention will create the reality of the karmic path that opens up based on the thought choice. Being aware of the choices you have through the experiences or the foundational responsibilities that are offered through cause brings you one step closer to conscious evaluation.

Your life may be headed in a direction that you don’t want but your actions and thoughts are what is taking you there and no doubt that it is not in alignment with your choices. Being aware, or having knowledge about something is not always being conscious. Taking action on the knowledge that you have by applying it to your life will shape your karmic path. The foundational situation is the point of choice and how you come to will determine what will come back to you. If you are angry, suffering and blaming you will in return get more of that intent. Create responsible choices by acting with love and with love being the highest frequency you create a surrounding full of light and positive energy.

Choosing the experiences you want and being responsible for how you act, react and create, you entering a conscious dynamic. A responsible choice is that of being aware of the consequences. When you do not choose anything you then live by default and then live by effect. When faced with a challenge even through emotions, be aware of your thoughts and feelings and ask yourself how you really want to feel. When you decide how you want to feel then clarity sets in and your thoughts become actions putting the decision into fruition. This is authentic power. The energy of your soul is built through wisdom and guides while fear and doubt hold you back. You gain or lose power by the choices that you make, by the food that you choose to feed your temple and with whom you choose to surround yourself with. Heal with love. Choose love. Create love.

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One thought on “Karmic Choice

  1. mario frate says:

    Amazing what you wrote, truly incredible. By moving forward you become a stronger person, it’s nothing more powerful then to make peace with yourself and be the best of it.

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