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So one of the main things that I was concerned about on my Metabolical Reset was the snacking. I am a huge snacker and I am a savoury person for sure rather than sweet. In this post I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned on how to shop for snacks and what my snack cart consisted of from Community Natural Foods. First of all never shop hungry! Very important.

  • Seaweed Snack – Low calorie and high in nutrients, good stand in for chips and satisfies the crunchy, salty snack craving.
  • Coconut Milk Beverage – This is a treat, not a food but it’s leaps and bounds over soy and cow dairy and it’s very tasty.
  • Water – Glass bottles are obviously better than plastic and reusable. 9.5 pH water is great because Melissa says that alkaline is better for me not sure why yet.
  • Organic Dark Chocolate Bars – No added refined sugar or chemicals or additives is actually a really healthy food, high in antioxidants and is Melissa approved, I’m so happy she encourages me to eat this! PHEW!
  • Bananas – Is a good alternative for sugar cravings and because they are high glycemic index is good to eat in the morning.
  • Agave Syrup – Natural sweetener and a great alternative for refined sugar.
  • Organic Dandelion Honey – One of the most healthiest things for you and have never heard about it until now (I have been juicing dandelion leaves which are usually quite bitter) and I’ll be using it in my detox tea tonight.
  • Kiwis – Extremely good for boosting up your immunity and improving digestion it can help clean body of toxins and fight disease. Very alkaline and high in vitamins (especially vitamin E) and nutrients.
  • Goji Berries – Extremely high in antioxidants more than any other fruit I know about. Great for throwing on top of salads, cereals and even on top of tea so make sure you chew them really good when in the tea, for some reason it gives off so much more benefits when warm.
  • Natural (unscented) Epsom Salt – High content in magnesium, it can improve the quality of sleep and reduce muscle tension. Natural remedy.
  • Wild Rice – Rice is difficult to digest and is unhealthy because of the way it’s processed. Lead and arsenic are found in high quantities. Wild rice is actually a plant and the only type of rice/grain that is allowed in my detox.
  • Nutritional Yeast – I tried this on my salad for the first time and it’s a vegetarian source of vitamin b12 which is crucial for protecting red blood cells and very high in protein, fibre and folic acid. 2 tbs of this has more protein that a full cup of whole milk, or an ounce of beef. Nice!
  • Pumpkin Seeds – They are very rich in magnesium, recommended by holistic professionals because of its high content of protein, fibre and fat. If you add seeds to your salad your body will absorb more minerals and nutrients from the greens you are already eating.
A healthy snack cart
A healthy snack cart

And voila! Education leads to understanding and this whole experience feels transformational already. Just looking at this in another stance is making a world of difference thanks to Sterlingized! Stay tuned for more happy, healthy shopping carts. Thank you for reading and please follow me on Facebook as I embark on day 3 tomorrow of my journey to a better ME!


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