Healthy Starts at Home

On day 5 of my metabolical reset and it’s going amazing. One of my followers of my Become a Better Version of You with Rina Facebook page is a bachelor and has a difficult time eating healthy at home. Because he is single he is always eating out and does not do any grocery shopping due to the lack of time and education on what to buy. He has stopped grocery shopping as it was a waste for him when he found himself throwing so many things that had gone bad into the garbage. As a new client, and someone who has decided that he wants to be healthy moving forward, I am going to Sterlingize his kitchen by doing a kitchen re-organization for him and that includes a fridge detox, cupboard clean out and re-org and then the fun part, stocking his kitchen with healthiness and easy to grab food for his go-go-go lifestyle. SHOPPING!!!

Health starts from the home and if you do not know how to eat or snack healthy at home then of course your habits will be the same out in the world of restaurants and fast food. The importance of what to eat that works for your body is very important. Many people think that they are healthy simply by eating or buying things that magazines or books say are good for them. The reality is that everyone is different and everyone’s goals are different and how your body processes food will never be the same as how your really thin and fit friend does.

A kitchen re-org is a must for any one, single, partnered up or family style. What I recommend is to have a consultation with my nutritionist and transformationist, Melissa Sterling, to ensure that you are aware of what nutrients and supplements you need to fuel your body correctly and then we book a meeting to assess your kitchen then we book the next meeting to Sterlingize your kitchen! Melissa will create a weekly shopping list for you and I’ll check up on you at the end of each week to see how your doing with your new and improved lifestyle. The small steps are what it takes to get you to a better version of you. Please connect with me to book your consultation for a kitchen detox. Cheers to health!


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