Metabolical Reset – Week 2

Week 1 of my metabolical reset is officially complete. WOOT WOOT! I’m celebrating with a double lemon water on the rocks…literally on the rocks. Thank you Universe for sending me the team of amazing support! Melissa Sterling, of Sterlingize, for always having my vitamins and shakes ready on hand and educating me on EVERYTHING! Ben Hambright, one of our core and founding tribe members, for always having the best juices and grab bags for me to go as well as teaching ME how to cook healthier. And of course to all of YOU that I am accountable to.

Metabolical Reset - Week 1
Metabolical Reset – Week 1

Besides labour and having dry sockets when all four of my wisdom teeth were removed THIS has been the next toughest challenge. Changing my neuro-pathways in the next 3 more weeks will save my life and not only make me live longer but live healthier. I have too much to live for, too many dreams to make come true still and too many people that are relying on me; I don’t want to be in Hospital for how I treated my temple.

There are 2 phases to transform toxins so they can be eliminated from the body and both phases have to be in balance with one another. I’m halfway through phase 1 so during this phase, a group of over 50 enzymes called the Cytochrome P450 system converts non-water soluble chemicals into water soluble for easier elimination. This process involves oxidation, which produces free radicals (oxidants) and other harmful compounds that may be linked to countless health conditions. You learn something new every day!

I thought I was pretty healthy, I trained and used to work at a gym, I thought I ate healthy until this. I’m learning, growing and detoxing for a better me. I’m so blessed and grateful to be on the right path. Cheers to health!


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Lemon water on the rocks...literally.
Lemon water on the rocks…literally.
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