Metabolical Reset – Week 3

Week 2 of my metabolical reset is officially complete. I’m into my 3rd week of detox and am stronger than ever! I’m feeling much [Better] than I did the first couple weeks. The week of prep before the detox was challenging because I was on my own and knew that I was going to be cutting out a lot so fear and second guessing myself sank in. Most people, would feel that they should get in as much of the junk or drinks before doing a detox, but I knew that if I did that my body would get sick or suffer through withdrawal and I knew I was in for a long haul. So I did my best knowing my final days were nearing and for some reason that corn dog at the Calgary Stampede tasted SOOOOO good although it didn’t resonate with me at all because it did not align with what I was doing here in Calgary. I came back to Calgary for a month not for the Stampede but to be home, reset and move forward.

The first week of detox was more of a mind game. All the information that I was gaining from Melissa Sterling shocked me. I was a trainer at one point and I have had trainers for myself and what I was taught was not at all in my good books now. The items that I was buying at the grocery store that I thought were good for me in reality weren’t and she told me why and it made sense. All the rich foods and wine that I loved were an illusion of what my body really wanted. The 2nd week of detox was harsh on me physically as my body was in the 2nd half of the 1st phase. When the body is cleansing you can experience detox symptoms. For me, I was feeling extremely tired, I got some really deep sleeps and also slept in like I was a teenager again; but my body needed that from working so hard. I had very low energy, I was’t bubbly at all and I felt like maybe it wasn’t for me and that I couldn’t do it. Yes, I was delusional but now I’m back and more energetic than ever!

Before doing the Douglas Labs detox (please consult with your nutritionist) you must be prepared emotionally for sure. Focus on the bigger picture, be aware of what your body is going through and be awakened to a [Better] you. I’m feeling great this week! I’m excited for some travels and I knew that this wasn’t just a ‘cleanse’ or detox but a lifestyle change. I look at food differently, I shop at grocery stores differently and really think before I order. I have been sleeping better and been able to wake up earlier than I was during my symptoms, I have more energy, greater clarity of thought and if I thought I was pretty positive before I am vomiting positivity everywhere! Not to mention that my muffin tops aren’t liking this new lifestyle so they are slowly saying goodbye. Forget the 2 day or week cleanses. They are too harsh on the body and how can you maintain if you don’t create new habits? This transformation is for everyone as everyone could use a little improvement. I’m not here to turn vegan or never have a glass of wine ever again, or to live until I’m 111, my focus is to make sure that I am part of the process that creates a healthy me so that I can enjoy my human experience as it was supposed to be enjoyed! Many blessings and cheers to living [Better].


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