Artificial Needs vs Authentic Needs

There’s a war on this world and I’m not talking about the political wars but the war within people. People struggle daily trying to gain power over partners, relationships, employees, friends. What is this power that people fiend for? Suits are pressed, buttons are done up, thousand dollar hand bags are collected, badges and identification of a higher supremacy are flashed. A war against, but in actuality with, media, society, expectations and desires. People are having a war with themselves, within themselves, with Ego.

Artificial needs = external power = negative karma

The need to be treated properly, the need to be right, the need to feel important, the need for higher status, the need for material things are all artificial needs that satisfy the hunger for external power. The realty is that it only creates negative karma and that satisfaction is insatiable. This need for artificial power in marriages, war, work and so on, only creates barriers and the illusion of what really matters and the intention of one who wishes this only builds the drive for material wealth and 5 sensory creations leading to major disappointments.

When you have authentic needs, like to be loved and the desire to heal and share love with your partner, family, friends and even strangers, the fulfillment is greater than anything that is material and serves a higher purpose for your soul. Your life now bends and flows and moves as it should. Humans are not to be kept tied down or restricted to rules that don’t allow us to cultivate spirit or be creative. Humans are creators. By using your guidance through your non-physical guides, such as your intuition, your Angels, the whisper you hear, you will then be able to act with a force that is created through spirit. Know that the process is unfolding and that you are exactly where you are supposed to be and everything will follow suit. Awakened people make different choices in life, they are accountable and challenge the illusion. Wishing you all the strength in the world to create a [Better] place to enjoy the human experience.

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