Step up to your Ego

Many people suffer when they allow their Egos to guide them and take control over the necessities through false external material and power. Then when sh!t hits the fan and they no longer have what they thought defined them, their soul becomes lost and their hearts empty. When you find abundance in love within your Self there is an awareness that wakes up from its slumber and the light shines so bright and that’s when you fall in love…with your SELF. It is a simple choice through self teachings and practicing that you can recondition your mind to a deeper understanding manifesting a deeper meaning of the human experience.

The centre of the evolutionary process is through choice and is the sole (and soul’s) engine of our evolution. Choice is an intention; it may be though the intent of love, compassion, pain or revenge; whatever the case is it will open doors to what you intend it to be. An action or thought is an aspect of intention which serves its own values and goals and the intention will create the reality of the karmic path that opens up based on the thought choice. Being aware of the choices you have through the experiences or the foundational responsibilities that are offered through cause, brings you one step closer to conscious evaluation. When you move from the external space of Ego and move forward, becoming aware of the peace within that is guiding you to a place of abundant love then nothing else matters…

Ego is a choice. When confronted, you have to allow yourself to be the higher being and come from a place of love and abundance and know your worth as is. YOU are absolutely special and you have every right to be happy IF you allow yourself to be and know that you are worth it, that you are worth every tough decision in the right direction even though it may not feel right at that moment. I’m not here to say that I’m right and that you should listen to me, I am merely sharing my experiences with you and what I’ve seen with others. Listen to yourself. Ask yourself from a place of love if what is being presented to you is what will define you. You have teachers all around you and you are teacher for others as well. We share, learn and grow with each other and above all we love ourselves so much that we cannot fathom hurting another person. The time to leave the barbaric and Neanderthal games is now as we awaken to the light path that we all walk connectedly to. Many blessings for a peaceful world.

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One thought on “Step up to your Ego

  1. mario frate says:

    I have to say that you are a strong woman, your words are very encouraging. A heart of gold. You inspire me as well you do for all. Beautiful as you are, beautiful as you will always be.

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