Positive Thoughts Manifest Positive Results

Whatever you think it is it will be. Thoughts are things and manifestations are what comes to fruition by the energy that you focus the intention on. If everyone spoke with love, let go of judgement and made ego disappear the world would vibrate on a much higher frequency creating harmony and peace.

We all have a truth based upon our experiences so listen to your Self. Hear others out. Speak with compassion. Be positive. No one likes to be around people that are negative and I certainly don’t like negative people in any of my social networks online or offline. Like we were taught as children, I will reiterate: if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all.

When you become aware your level of respect for others goes up because you have the utmost respect for your Self. Once you love yourself then you could never fathom hurting somebody else. If at times you feel that your life and soul’s purpose is made for more than what you are currently doing then you must listen to your heart and allow the Universe to guide you positively to your higher purpose. If it’s not positive then you aren’t meant to be there. Love and Light = Eternal Abundance

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