A Peaceful Shift Bringing Powerful Struggles

Notice how everyone has been off their ‘A’ game lately? Have you been feeling lethargic and/or achy too? Job losses, depression, illnesses, partnership battles, etc. There is a major shift happening right now, a new paradigm where the world is starting┬áto feel the repercussions of financial and material loss. If you imagine earth as a single organism, then the reason for this frequency shift is simple but physically and mentally difficult to transition into as there are so many variables. This includes the struggles between those that dominate and that have been incarnated to create rules and beliefs for society such as bankers, politicians, pharmaceutical owners, etc.; professions that have been created to reinvent the reality to those that fight for their own truth and spiritual reality. This is the ultimate war on our planet: a war against a force that dominates through fear between a higher consciousness that creates with love.

There is a new awakening that is being forced upon us, whereby each individual is becoming to know Self and learning to let go of all forms of external control, not all by choice but by self destruction from former intentions that are now catching up including Mother Nature. It’s a rapidly approaching consciousness that I’ve been sensing for a while now. Keeping faith and truly feeling that the energy and collaborative awareness is so much stronger than the latter will increase the light that is powering up to shine through in a time where darkness is at its strongest. We shall not live in a ‘free’ country that is controlled by┬ásocial order. Mother nature has been devalued to the greed of raw commodity resources where she is being stripped and raped of her precious resources and sold to the highest bidder that is now purchasing concrete penthouse jungles. She is being depleted.

This is the ultimate time where you must be fully conscious of your feelings and intentions and to be able to tread above water during this very important shift where the moon is strong and the stars are aligning in dynamic patterns never seen before and the Earth is in new motion and the energy of it flowing in a new direction. We must connect as a collective conscious and leave behind our individual egoic ways of thinking. Take time to spend with family and friends, to really stop and smell the roses, to be thankful for your health and to know that you still have freedom, the freedom to research and educate yourself on what’s really going on out there. Peace.

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