There is an Artist Within Each of Us

Each of us has a story and our stories come from different places through character, emotions, realizations, choices and of course demographics, circumstances and upbringing all come into play. Imagine our lives as artists – painting through expression without words but through feelings that are invoked by our passions that motivate and move us. We have canvasses that we put our stories on with fluidity; pure movement created with a reflection and put into fruition by our conditions and experiences, unfolding the ultimate memoir, in color. A journal that we are expressing from our own perception, through our own facts, knowledge, history and our own truth.

Beautiful, picturesque history flowing so freely without boundaries or judgment. Deep down, we are all artists and how we decide to express ourselves is entirely up to us. No one has to believe it, like it or even have empathy for it, nor do they have to understand it; therefore, no one can tell you that your art is askew or appalling, and thus no one can take it away from you. We all choose our paint and brushes of the moment and our style will vary based on our vision, growth and reality. My vision is glorious. My growth is steady. My reality is what I choose to create.

Imagine two people who just went through the same experience. At that moment, everything was identical; however, it would not affect them the same. They would not feel or react the same as the other, or learn or even see things the same as the other person. What they have grown up believing and knowing is completely different when they were clearly conditioned, they were painted a different picture growing up and they painted their own paintings based on their thoughts and lessons. So when you see someone, do not judge for you have never walked a mile, not even a minute, in their shoes. Love and appreciate the beauty of the different genres we are creating through love and emotion so creatively. Paint freely and with passion. We are all artists. We must respect each other as fellow artists because there is an artist within each of us.

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