Heal with Yoga through Choice by Commitment

Things don ‘t change overnight; however, things can change with commitment to practice. Healing your body with yoga takes the same dedication. Commitment is the key to healing. In order for the body to heal and see results from yoga practice, you must commit to a program. Commercialized course that are taken sporadically that are nearly filled to the walls with everyone else’s energy may leave you feeling scattered. For you to fully understand the emotional dynamics and the results of your physical body that has manifested you must be able to be in an environment that allows you to free your mind from all the untamed and framed thoughts taught by society and religions in order for you to survive. Learn how to truly live your own life through love, and compassion and contentment to heal yourself and this planet. Once the mind is free and you give it the gift of practicing pain and stress management the body will be free from all the pain and stresses it thinks it has will create inner harmony and balance.

Inner Evolution Healing Center in Vancouver is offering a unique Chi Yoga and Active Meditation that consists of 15 classes in total. These 15 classes are 2 hour long commitments every Monday. Why 2 hours? Because it is about healing and manifesting your inner freedom. It’s about connecting to your emotional self, your Prana, which is the Sanskrit word for “life force”. It is also about creating mindfulness and setting your mind free from the conditions that it was brought up in as a unification of your inner being to bring balance and harmony. It is not about relaxing for an hour then rushing back to work. If all you do in a week is take these 2 hours for your Self your body will be rewarded with transformation through pain release by practice.

What is Chi Yoga?

Chi is the word used in Chinese for energy, the natural life force sustaining our lives. To keep our bodies healthy we need this essence or Chi flowing freely. Yoga means the union between mind, body and spirit. Chi Yoga is a blend of the wisdom and practices of yoga with other ancient practices from China and Japan. Chi Yoga is the vital energy that unites body, mind and spirit. A concept that has its origins in early Chinese philosophy. Chi has been linked to the yogic concept of Prana and can also be thought of as life force. Chi yoga is the creative union of the Chinese and Indian ancient practices with the western background of kinesiology and psychology patterns. It can improve flexibility, coordination, balance and energy while reducing stress. These gentle and graceful movements with deep breathing exercises provide benefits that can be experienced by people of any age.

Classes will be held every Monday during community clinic (prices of treatments are much less than the rest of the week and what other centers charge to give people that need healing an affordable way to get help) starting Monday Sept. 30 – Monday Oct. 28 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm.

First 5 sessions $50 next 10 sessions are $150 (2 hours sessions each)

Registration is done at the Center – cash or cheques accepted only as there are no radio waves that hinder in the center. Just bring your Self and comfortable clothes.

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