Modern Ladies of Influence Luncheon – Calgary

I don’t claim to be the best or to know it all, nor do I want to be the most popular and be seen in the scene. Creating real relationships built on honesty and trust is one of the things I enjoy in life and whoever is in my life I always try to add value and always have their back. I don’t take sides, I stick up for fairness and please note that Karma is not a bitch, she is about equal energy and works alone.

If you’re looking to make 2014 the best year ever then you need to surround yourself with the best people that are in alignment with their purpose. The path you take must be of least resistance and the people that can take you higher are the ones that are going up as well. The people that surround you is a reflection of all that you have created, an emanation of yourself. Who you choose to surround yourself with is an awareness of who your soul needs for growth.

December’s luncheon was a full house and I’m so excited to be surrounded with another round of incredible women to start this year off right! This luncheon is going to be my favourite because we talk about relationships with Self, with your partner, with your coworkers. Who surrounds you is a reflection of who you are inside…we are all mirrors to each other and therefore we all need to help each other. February is also heart month and in so many ways that it is probably the most important month because heart month is not only about how it beats but is also about love and the most important relationship we will ever have is with ourselves. If we can do that then we can have great relationships in all of the different scenes we have in our book.

We are excited to see you Saturday, February 1st at 80th & Ivy Modern Kitchen with special guest speaker Julie Clitheroe with fashion served with dessert with Kimberlie Stern of APT22. Cheers to you and the wisdom that you have gained, don’t leave 2013 behind, take all that you have experienced and use it to create your most successful year ever!

We are just confirming our list and are so blessed to see so many women that take action out there! Looking forward to another great event!

Get your tickets fast through the links below as seating is limited!!!

Connecting, collaborating and creating a better life for a better world! It’s all about personal development in this lifetime of yours. Thank you, thank YOU, THANK YOU. <3

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  1. Rhonda Pelletier (403-571-8142 Ext 235) says:

    Unfortunately I am away on February 1 and am unable to attend. Please add my contact information so I can be included for your next event. Thank you, Rhonda Pelletier

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