A Prayer for the Lost

I pray for peace and I wish for healing. We are aware of the continuing violence around the world and even in our communities, and I’m not just talking about the physical violence but the war that is between friends and families and within ourselves. As we each try to find our own way through our complex inner emotions, I want you to know that you are not alone in your struggles or fears. Even as tragedy and suffering still occurrs to so many people and has throughout history, remember all the good and all the love that has been created through the passionate and kind voices calling for peace and healing.

Tonight I am saying a special prayer for those in the dark, those that are running, those that are hurting, those that hurt and those that are alone. You must open your eyes to the light that shines and be open to a new understanding that all that you have known is not all that you will ever know, nor all that will ever be. Let go of what does not serve you any longer, embrace change and allow yourself to heal and trust again. Sweetest dreams everyone. Tomorrow you will shine brighter than you did today. I’ve had many friends take their lives and want you to know that you may be that light for someone and to never judge someone walking down the street or take their grumpiness to heart because you don’t know what someone is going through or has gone through until you walk a mile in their shoes. And if you are that person that is in the dark, call for help, call me. I don’t care how late it is just call me and if I don’t pick up just text me or message me here. I am serious. You are not alone and you are very much loved but you need to ASK for help.

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