Reflecting in Cancun 2014

Talk about disconnecting for a few days….that was definitely a first, losing your phone helps with that as well. I’ll make this short because I have to head back to the beach to work on the back side of my tan (I’m looking like a pancake that hasn’t been flipped yet). Things that I have most reflected upon my vacation on the beaches of Cancun so far:

#1 The Modern Ladies of Inluence Luncheon – I wanted to thank each and every single woman that came out to the event last Saturday, WOW WOW WOW! I have been on the beach meditating and feeling so much gratitude for the people that I have been surround by, I know that the challenges I have endured, the hard work I put in along with crazy late nights on the computer even after my day contracts have ended has put me exactly where I want to be and it doesn’t stop. I was floored to see an even higher number of women that come out to the event, an over sold out luncheon. I’m smiling from all of the lovely messages and the anticipation for the next luncheon happening April 5th! It’s always the last week where I am frantic about everything and then when the day comes I remember why I put these events on and my heart is smiling once again. The energy, the beauty and love in one room is so rewarding. I am so grateful for everyone that has been or is still part of this group and I am so honored to be able to attract the kind of people that are carte blanche, grade A spirits, high integrity and most of all self respect. If you haven’t registered for a luncheon yet, please check out the link above to see what these positive and enlightening gatherings entail. I connect and collaborate with only the best, it has always been a strength of mine and when this happens beautiful things are created; allowing everyone to shine so bright! I’m taking this nation wide and then heading south. Inspiring and changing bits of the world one luncheon at a time. Thank you, thank YOU, THANK YOU. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

#2 Letting Go – and I mean really letting go. Learning and growing through self enlightenment. It has been heavy on my heart and for the most part it has always been easy to let things go until this particular situation. This time it has been harder as I was being bullied. I say ‘was’ because I have finally let it go as of February 1st. When I lost my phone Monday night a couple of things came into play. The first was that being bullied is not fun at all and that has been hard to let go; not only the being bullied part but I literally had to get authories to fight to get my belongings back from someone that I had done a ‘live in’ metabolic reset through. I was being taken advantage of when I leant out my vehicle to this person and she didn’t give it back. When I wanted it back she wouldn’t give it back, said I needed a letter to get it back, so she impounded my car and $200 later I got it back with my GPS smashed and all my CDs broken in halves. The back seat looked like a dozen dogs had a mud wrestling match in it.

The next has been my belongings that were in her place, I’m not talking about just a scarf or a pair of sandals, I’m talking about LV’s, Chrissy Lou’s, Kate Spade, part of my shoe collection, all of my best business clothes, jackets, the list goes on and a computer with all of my son’s baby pictures that I was going to make a collage out of for his 18th birthday next month, everything that I worked so hard for over my years, stolen. She won’t give it back. She has lied to the authorities and says she doesn’t have any of it. I struggled with this. Hard. All material things, yes, but it’s about the principle, the truth, I was imprisoning myself to this persons selfish ways and later found out that she has been sued before for doing something similar so this is just the way she works. People are the way they are. You can’t change them. When family or close friends or ex-coworkers of someone tells you to stay away from the person, they aren’t out to get you, they are trying to save you. That was my lesson x2. Yes, this is the second time I didn’t listen because it is their experience, not mine…so I thought. I never said I was perfect. I am learning and experiencing what my soul needs to for this lifetime.

Coming back to losing my phone. Be very careful what you wish for. I was still on the iPhone 4s and really didn’t like my phone since CES Vegas after I saw what Samsung was up to, best technology in my opinion. If anyone has an iPhone I’m sure we would have the same complaints, freezing, short batter life, pocket moving the apps, et cetera, et cetera. I was out for a night in Cancun and and from the restaurant to the cab my phone was gone. So there you go. I didn’t like my phone and wanted a Samsung and I was waiting for the phone to crap out so now I will get what I wished for. It was more about the photos that I took here the first couple of days, the phone I don’t care so much for. Now this comes back to letting go. I am free of the fight, the police, my friends and son have tried contacting her and she has blocked them, it’s her karma for keeping things that are not hers and clearly, I will get better replacement items as well as a new celly and she needs it more than I do. The point of this is about letting go but it’s also about going with your gut, if people are doing things that are not in alignment with your morals and values then that is how they will be with you in business. Ensure that people are who they say they are, check their credentials, make sure that your trainer or nutritionist is certified and looks the part. You wouldn’t get your hair done by someone who has bad hair, right? I am finally exhaling and just remember, any time is the right time to make things right with someone. Be wise about who you connect with as well as how you disconnect with people.  It’s a small world and bridges must not be burned. Sorry to hear that Calgary is -30. You should all be here on the beach with me!!!

With the intent of love,


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