Life is no Game

I keep hearing people say that life is a game, this so called Game of Life; so basically some people are leaders and winners but most people are not, they do what they are told. I used to think that way too, especially with all the challenges, and boulders, and different levels. But we weren’t put on Earth to play a game of survival of the fittest. We are all meant to enjoy the co-habitation and co-creation of this beautiful planet.

Life isn’t a game, it’s a state of being. Take away uniforms, titles, labels, chains, stereotypes and conditions to reveal our authentic Self.  To only exist would be to live in default, but to be conscious, in this very state of reality, with an awareness of the divinity that resonates deep in your very core IS LIFE and what the meaning of what life is, a knowingness. What defines us is not about material wealth , it’s not about status and seniority and keeping up with the Jones’, nor is it about being superior than anybody else. We are all equal. Beautiful things are to be enjoyed, no doubt; fast cars, dream homes, vacations, beautiful wardrobe, but the ultimate goal is happiness and if you are killing yourself chasing those things then the intent is not from within.

Contentment. Within. All that you accumulated or have not accumulated is up to you to be deemed happiness worthy. This very moment. That just past. Now is always. The only moment is now. And  having the ability, mindset and appreciation of abundance is the only way to change your state and your goal is to always feel good NOW. A awakened state of being into the light of an Indigo soul….

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