A Top 11 List for the Female Jet Setter – Essentials of What to Wear and Pack for Carry on While Travelling

A Top 11 List for the Female Jet Setter – Essentials of What to Wear and Pack for your flight. If you’re like me, super ADHD and you are heading on a  plane ride that will be longer than 2 hours then I highly suggest packing everything below to ensure that you will have a productive, comfortable and healthy ride up in the sky….

  1. A scarf –  make sure it’s long and wide enough so that it can be used as a pillow when folded, a blanket when unfolded or if it is light and breathable enough you can us it as an eye mask that lightly covers your face (don’t ruin your eye make up with tight eye masks anymore).
  2. Healthy snacks are very important such as unsalted nuts (salted anything makes you retain water and make you look bloated and when travelling that is a no no – especially to a beach destination), dried fruit, energy bars, dark chocolate, gum, breath mints (in case of close conversations with your neighbour and perhaps to offer for your sake) powdered energy/vitamin drinks that you can mix with water on the plane. That will ensure that you get all your vitamins before they start getting depleted from business travels or vacation indulgence.
  3. A book – come one…. when do you really ever get the chance to read? Pick something that is going to add value to your life or if you’re life is always go go go and serious all the time then find something fun that will take your mind off things for a while. If it’s a short flight pick something that you can flip through that will inspire you before a business meeting. I love packing Gary Zukav of the Seat of the Soul, or Don Miguel Ruiz, the Four Agreements. Must reads anyways!
  4. A comfy pair of ear phones or head set as the ones that the airlines provide don’t usually fit well or do not drown out engine noise or crying babies enough.
  5. Shoes that slip on and off easily – laces or tall zip up boots are difficult to take on and off going through security/customs or in your seat and especially if your bladder is small then you will wish you were wearing slip ons for sure!
  6. Comfy pants that are stretchy or a long flawy skirt but make sure you keep it at least knee length or longer if you want to sit with your legs up on the seat (or so the person across the isle isn’t getting free in house leg entertainment during the flight).
  7. Always layer your tops, wear a tank top or t-shrit, and a sweater; you can use your sweater for extra padding for a pillow if you get too hot or an extra blanket for your bare legs if you get too chilly.
  8. Bring your laptop or iPad for music or movies because in this day and age not all movies/music are free and you always want to choose something that is of value to your health and personal/professional development. Audio books are amazing. Make this your time to spend on Self.
  9. Bring a pen and notebook – manifesting is best when handwritten with blue ink, on white paper, plus if you’re travelling abroad you will have to fill out paperwork on the plane so if you’re a germaphobe like me then you won’t want to borrow someone else’s pen. May as well bring two because someone will be asking to borrow yours.
  10. Wet naps, hand sanitizer, spray refresher for face, facial wipes, eye drops preferably natural eye drops like Refresh – the plane is so drying so make sure you’re hydrated so you look like you just got off a jet plane and not a 24 hour econo flight.
  11. And last but not least, wear a smile and bring a positive attitude. People love to travel to new destinations but no one really likes the the process of travelling. There’s nothing worse than seeing miserable people at the airport or on the plane to kill the mood.

Be happy no matter where you’re travelling because back in the day no one believed that we would be flying in a metal container and now at the click of a button, we have our flights booked and we are on our way to see loved ones and potential business partners in a matter of hours, and not months by foot or carriage. Positive vibes for a positive ride! Happy and safe travels!


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