Workshop Kitchen + Culture Grand Opening in Calgary

My foodie friend extraordinaire Terry Lo, aka @calgarydreamer for all your palette preferences, invited me out with his Master Wife (love them and their story!) to the grand opening of a restaurant called Workshop (@workshopyyc), which is located in the Historic Grand Theatre on 6th Avenue and 1st Street. Confused that a swanky little Japanese infused restaurant was enveloped by the walls only a couple of years ago has now been replaced by this nouveau, artsy meeting place where integrative live cuisine is crafted and meets with creative minds stimulating the taste buds with diversified aromas. The gatherers were chic, trendy, and aesthetically eclectic.

Kenny Kaechele – (@chefkenny) Chef/Owner took us down memory lane with his previous creations at Mescalero’s and classic restaurants and his story of his hardships and passion to keep moving forward, tears were amongst the crowd and his son who was video taping this on his phone seemed to be have a huge turning point in his life as he watched his father’s dream come true. The story was all heart and soul and the crowd was life family. Conrad Sawatsky is the general manager and happily mingling and welcoming everyone. I will definitely be back with a group of friends to enjoy the long social table they have in the middle by the kitchen and bar!


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