Dreams are not Made Come True by Average People

It’s nearly a week into 2015 and if you haven’t set your goals then it’s never too late. And if you’re a go getter then you have set your 2015 goals even before the new year started. Congratulations to you if you have and I’m sure the excitement is still there and you’re keeping with your decision; but don’t kid yourself, you still have a long ways to go and it’s going to take a lot of hard work and harder dedication. Remember, these goals are what hits your sweet spot and you have attached the pain and pleasure and know that it’s going to be worth it. Sharing your goals is very important as well. It keeps you accountable and you never know who is going to be able to help you or know of someone that can. But sometimes when you find yourself sharing your goals, some may not agree with them or even support you and that is why it is extremely important that you are crystal clear about them and no matter what, you have to keep going. I strongly emphasize that you need to put focus on the process, or game plan, of your goal (insert my other blog here) and also something very important, you need to surround yourself with people that truly respect and support you and your vision. If the people you hang around with cannot get you ahead then at the very least make sure that they don’t hold you back or bring you down. To be a great athlete, hang out with great athletes. To be a millionaire, hang out with millionaires. To be an alcoholic hang out with alcoholics. You get my point. Be around people who encourage you.

Next. People always talk about balance, they say don’t work so hard or you will run yourself sick. They tell you that you need to take a break and usually they want you to take that break with them. Really think about who this is coming from. Are they living the dream that you desire? The most important question to Self once you start your new journey is ‘who do you listen to‘? From experience, these are coming from people who are average. There’s nothing wrong with average. Average people work maximum 8 hours a day and God forbid they work overtime. And if you really think about it, are they truly happy building someone else’s empire? Perhaps this is you? Perhaps stepping out of fear and really opening your eyes to the belief that you can make your dreams come true isn’t that far fetched. But it takes some kick ass, all in, hard work. 

Dreams are made by Hustling

It’s simple, if you don’t want to move forward with your dreams then have ‘balance’, do average things like relax on your couch and watch a few hours of mindless TV and get caught up on the latest news of celebrities you have never met or ever will, play Candy Crush, go for beer and wine, spend your weekends skiing or partying. I’m not saying don’t have fun. I’m not saying you shouldn’t live life to its fullest. I’m not saying don’t ever take a break. All I am saying is that if you truly have big goals and dreams and are wondering why never meet them, then I suggest looking at how you use your time. What I am saying is that if you want to get ahead, meet ANY goal you set in the future, make your dreams come true, then you need to FOCUS and you need to HUSTLE. You need to hustle like no one’s business, because you only have one lifetime to make your dreams come true, to live the live you have always wanted, to be in the best shape ever. Then you need to re-evaluate all areas of your life including your friends, your surroundings, your purpose, your drive. You need to stop making excuses or blaming society, or the economy or where you live or who you were raised. You need to work, think, and hustle more than the average person and schedule your priorities not prioritize your schedule, get the difference? If you want greatness you must do great things. You need to be accountable, you need to be responsible and you need to work while others are out partying, you need to create while others are sleeping, you need to write things down and not keep them locked in your mind, you need to manifest. Get an accountability buddy, a coach, a system, a time table, whatever you need. You need to want it so bad, you need to believe it so bad and you need to help others because that is what extraordinary people do to get ahead.

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