Defining Success and Creating More

How do you define success?

At a glance, and on the surface, to most, the following 5 Ps are what people usually measure success with:

Power | Position | Prestige | Pleasure | Prosperity

Would you agree that all of the above come and go? Perhaps you have a high position but feel you need more power so you put more focus on getting that. Many people have more than 2 or 3 from the list in their lives and some have it all. But do they really? It’s great to have these things but do they offer great satisfaction? How about the journey in attaining those things, what kind of battle did they have in getting them? There would have been some definite sacrifices that aren’t on that list such as family, fun, faith, fitness, finances, firm, friends. Would you agree? Think about some of the people that have achieved these things, where are they now? Maybe many of them have become miserable, greedy and sick during their journey in achieving these things.

I have a personal example of a man I used to work for, I would usually say ‘with’ but his ‘power’ fed his Ego and he was the king so everyone worked ‘for’ him. He had it all, so it seemed. He had power and acted as authority while instilling fear into anyone and everyone that worked for him. He had a very high position in the company and had been there for over a decade and because of that he was viewed as very prestigious. He seemed to have a lot of pleasure from his prosperity and rarely worked and was very proud of that but if you ever said that about him he would use the 5 Ps to put you in your place along with threats. Now was he happy? Clearly not. He was one of the most negative people I have ever met, he held on to the past like it was going out of style. He didn’t take care of his health and he was the type of person who woke up with a smoke hanging from his mouth and a can of Coke for breakfast. He complained day in and day out about how his employees weren’t out making business so therefore his income suffered. There was not one day where he was happy about having all his 5 Ps. Does this sound like success to you? He was a victim which I will talk abut in the next blog.

You can find many others in history and even the celebrities now that are miserable, greedy, sick or become addicted to alcohol and drugs and then eventually die a lonely, unfulfilled life because all they ever wanted to achieve were the 5 Ps or more of it. But that is what they think success is. Don’t get me wrong. The 5 Ps are great to achieve but what I’m talking about here is authentic success. How do we define authentic success and what does that mean to you? Success is all about one’s perspective. Are you successful? What would others say about you? What would your peers say? What would you family say? What does your body say? And what does your heart really say?

How driven are you by the 5 Ps? Success is much more than power, position, prestige, pleasure, prosperity, wouldn’t you agree? Quite often we are hard on ourselves, or perhaps our family, or partners, have huge expectations for us to have that. What drives you is crucial to defining what success is for you. What is authentic success? How you answer that is by questioning your own life and significance. How do you want to be remembered? Is what you are doing going to leave a legacy for your family, community or the world? At the end of your life how would you know that you have succeeded? What would people say at your funeral and would you have touched so many lives that people weep at your funeral? To have authentic success is having an integrated life and winning in all areas; professionally and personally, being balanced in all areas and really cross training your pillars of life. It is really about enjoying the journey and the process to becoming the success you want to be. It’s about contributing and giving back through absolute universal principles that bring everything together. It’s about working on bringing out the AUTHENTIC YOU.

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