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Goals should not only be set at the beginning of each year, but having daily goals, weekly, quarterly and yearly goals is important for your self development, drive and purpose. Some of us want to slim down after the holidays or before a vacation, maybe we want to run a marathon or spend more time with family. So for most of us, the path to those things starts by setting a specific and actionable and attainable goal. But with that being said, are you one of the many that have stopped making new year’s resolutions because you seem to never meet them? Don’t blame the new year’s resolution because everyone is good at ‘goal setting’, extremely good at goal setting, but the problem is the lack of goal ‘doing’. The road map, the execution and planning of it all is usually the missing piece and without that, the goal really will never been achieved. 

There are two parts to achieving a goal: 1. the goal and 2. the plan, which we will call the ‘system‘, and they go hand in hand. If you’re not going to have a system then there is no point in even making a goal because you will never meet it and then you will start getting down on yourself and then the snowball effect starts about all the amazing goals that would have made you so happy if only you could get to them. Then years go by and you have not set any new goals.

Imagine your goal is to drive to California. California is the end goal. You know where it is, you see it in your mind and you know how you are going to feel when you get there. You are so excited you get into your car but realize that you have no clue where to go. Do you start driving aimlessly or forget about it? Most people would just forget about it; however, if you have a clear map, plan, system, process, whatever steps you need, knock ’em down and keep on going, you will eventually get there. Granted, there may be a few stops, or detours along the way, but if you have the map and keep following it then you will eventually arrive at your destination.

If you think about a goal as the end result of new good habits that have been created, and by changing your mindset on what the goal means for you (your health, your family, your growth, your success) will make you see getting there much differently and perhaps not so painstakingly dreadful.

Learn how to create a new ‘HABIT’ with this easy approach below:

Have a plan: Nice. You have just decided on an amazing goal but you must ask yourself what kind of habit will that goal really create for yourself. What is one thing that if you did consistently and persistently well, would that significantly improve your life?  Would it help get you closer to your what your goal is? It’s easier to create a new habit than to break an old nasty one so look for new habits to replace the bad/old ones.

Attach pain and pleasure: What is your reason to build this habit? Would you be better at work or at home or be healthier if you developed this habit? What is the pain that you stand to lose if you don’t build this habit? And what is the pleasure to gain from building this habit?

Build accountability: Developing a feedback mechanism is so important whether it is a chart for you to mark off and keep track of or you find an accountability partner such as your friend, spouse, coworker or coach. It is always inspiring to have a cheerleading squad so that it keeps you moving forward and you don’t fall back into bad habits so easily.

Internalize truth: This is the time where you need to sit right with your goal and be in total alignment with what you are doing so that when times of frustration come along, which they will, you will remember the ‘why’ of it all giving you the strength and power to keep moving forward. Affirmations, quotes, meditating, positive thoughts, etc. help.

Train consistently: It takes about 21 days to fall into a habit where you don’t have to think about it so make this not only a one time habit for the goal but continue to train and keep bettering yourself. Once you get over the first one, you will have a habit of meeting your goals because you know how it feels to accomplish something big.

Just remember this, it only takes ONE second to make a decision then never mind committing to just a goal, first you must commit to the plan, process, steps, system or map and the goal will appear. Let go of the need for immediate results and start to think long term process for long term gain by having well designed goals. Happiest new year and cheers to achieving authentic success! @RinaChong

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