Network Your Net Worth – Coming Out of Your Shell

If you are shy, afraid, or care too much about what people think about you, then moving forward will be difficult, or extremely slow for you. No one is born shy or afraid, it is a set of conditions that have been instilled in us at some point. I had a client that was an introvert and as a result his business was failing and his relationships were not existent. We did some work together and pin pointed when exactly when that kicked in for him. We went back as far as his childhood and he remembered that, in grade 1, at parent teacher interviews, he overheard his teacher saying to his mother that he was a very shy kid. So, as a child, when you hear something like that, it sticks with you and you develop into what our teachers or parents say we are and even now as adults if aren’t careful of really knowing who we are, other people’s opinions can really convince you otherwise. 

Becoming a victim of the saying ‘it is what it is’, sometimes, is a bit of a cop out to the power that you truly have within yourself to make the necessary changes in order to achieve your goals and aspirations. Getting clear on what you want is the first step in the right direction. When the want and desire, or hunger, is so strong you will do anything to get there; otherwise you live life in default just because of your fear to succeed along with not having your eyes wide open to the tools that are right in front of you. After getting clear on what you want it is the time to set the road map for it. You can check out the easy process of making things happen here. Once you have established your goals and have a healthy roadmap for it, then the process of sharing starts. Ask and you shall receive = share and it shall start the process of manifestation because you never know who knows who and who can help you. Knowing your worth and coming out of your shell and connecting with the right people is what can propel your success to the next level. Proper and honest communication in away that can relate to people is vital in asking. If any of this sounds like you, I would suggest taking some communication courses, life or business coaching, speech classes and attending various networking events. If you have tried the networking thing and haven’t been that successful at it then I suggest reading Forbes 16 Quick Tips to Become a Better Networker.

Let’s face it, success doesn’t just show up at your door, you have to knock on each door and put yourself out there. Because when you connect with people with a shared interest, you’re accustomed to serendipitous things happening into the future. Open yourself up to those opportunities because the people around you are waiting for the same opportunities. Be an opportunity maker. Set your goals. Get involved. Communicate. The world is hungry to unite and we can accomplish far greater things together rather than doing it alone. Just remember, you are already whom you want to become, you just have to unleash it.

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