Love is Blind

I was riding up in a really old elevator the other day, you know, like the ones that you had to manually open and close the door and hold the button until you got to your floor. I noticed that there was an emergency button with brail underneath it. The only way you’d know what floor to stop at is if you counted each floor you passed. But how you would know when to let go of the button if you were blind? If someone is blind and able to find their floor and the emergency button, then how are the blessed with sight not able see the signs; especially the red flags?

It seems when you enter a new relationship you fall in love overlooking the red flags because as they say ‘love is blind’. If love is blind then what sees clearly? Why is it that when we fall in love we don’t see the red flags or we choose to over look them? Why is it even called a red flag at the end of the relationship when hind sight is 20/20? The characteristics of what we first fell in love with seems to annoy us later down the road. I remember dating a really funny guy. Like super funny, cute. He made me laugh with all his jokes and silliness and then months down the road when the honeymoon stage was over his jokes didn’t make me laugh anymore and he was the worst comedian I knew. I asked myself how in the world did I end up with this clown? Then I started to wonder how I ever thought he was funny in the first place. What makes up for all the red flags in the beginning that our tolerance level drops significantly later on in the relationship?

I find as time passes and I get more experienced with spotting the red flags that I didn’t see with the last guy so it becomes more apparent with the next (but love like you’ve never been hurt)…and much easier to ‘next’ him; if you know what I mean. But maybe the red flags are to test our acceptance or our love for one another. No one is perfect and you’ll never find that special someone that will be your everything. They say 80/20. Brutal. So the things that they are not, or the things that they do that you find annoying, you will accept because it is part of who they are and how they were when you first met them. Without those things they wouldn’t be who they are and who you fell for. You don’t have to love their faults or habits but just know that if it’s not one thing with someone it’s another with someone else and just accept them. The grass is never greener on the other side…just a different shade and sometimes the shade is called vomit…but that’s another blog.

Love is blind and so sought after, how about just dive right in or you’ll never know. I’ll keep going to my routine eye tests. So if practice makes perfect then NEXT! I seem to attract red flags, I mean overlook them! All my friends tell me I’m too nice, but those red flags will always keep appearing if you don’t change the way you do things in the ways of attraction. They also take place in your heart to make you smarter next time. So for the sighted see your floor and know when to let go of the button. Have fun riding that elevator!!!

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2 thoughts on “Love is Blind

  1. justsomeinsights says:

    I don’t even know how I ended up reading this blog. Just a day off work from a business trip and I somehow stumble onto this.
    Just wanted to add some thoughts to your blog.

    Anyways… it seems that your so called search for “love” is more of a quest to end loneliness as well as a periodic injection of the dating routine to avoid withdrawal symptoms from this addiction to “having someone.” I was in a similar phase during my early University years and it’s taken till now to realize that, people are just not perfect. You are not perfect and thus, you cannot expect your counterpart in the relationship to be perfect or consequently expect the relationship to be perfect. The goal of “searching for love” should not even be the goal. The goal should be to live your life so that you are happy today, tomorrow and for as many days in the future as possible.

    I’m not a religious person, so I believe that when a person dies, our bodies return to the earth and our consciousness returns to the mass of energy that exists within our universe. Because of this, we should appreciate the short time that we have here on this world and do our best to allow ourselves to be happy. Happiness is not about finding the perfect “other half.” Happiness is realizing that you are not a “half.” You are already whole. Finding someone else to share your time in this world with just allows you to share your happiness.

    Oh… and those red flags that you worry about… one person’s red flag for danger… is another person’s red flag for a great deal.


    • Miss Rina says:

      Thank you for sharing your insights. You are absolutely right and I completely agree. Perhaps with blogs and messages the tones are very hard to decipher especially when you don’t know the person. I love my life the way it is. I know that I am fabulous and how fabulous to share that life with someone 🙂 For me, I’d rather experience a thousand experiences with one person rather than one experience with a thousand people. I have many friends that I can count on and that I love but to have that one special person to be a part of your life; to witiness your success and support you through your downfalls unconditionally. To love someone is the ultimate goal. To love someone unconditionally means that you love yourself unconditionally and that you have accepted your faults. How else can we accept someone elses faults if we cannot accept our own? That’s all. I am complete. I just want someone to walk with me and witness the fabulousness which is me! I only hope that I can bring out the fabulousness in them! Drop by again!! Have a wonderful day, Justsomeinsights!!!

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