Sex and the City Movie Review

If you’ve followed the series and have always yearned for more insight on these four fabulous women and wanted to know what happened after the last episode of season 6 in the happily ever after when Big rescues Carrie from Paris, this gives you the perfect finale of the four women that we have loved, hated and looked up to.  This movie was like a super long episode that made you laugh, cry, get shocked but most of all feel like you have been where they have been.  There were about 1/2 a dozen men in the sold out show, and let me tell you how hot the theatre was as the a/c was malfunctioning.  I’ve never heard so many emotions in one movie…they really did it this time and as sad as it is to see the show finally come to an end, I can say that I’ve learned a lot from the women.  They give reality shows a slap in the face as this is as real as it gets!  Be prepared with Kleenex and touch up make up if you’re going out after the show.

Men, if you wanna know how women think, if you wanna know how women feel, if you wanna know the otherside to better understand us, keep your balls on and check out this movie!  You’ll have a few laughs, I promise!  And for those who are cynical about this movie and about the hype then you don’t have to see it.  If the women are having fun planning SATC parties then so be it!   It’s a celebration of women!  And just remember, we leave you alone with your superbowl parties.

I give this movie a two thumbs up!



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