Everyone’s worried about if the Flames are going to make it or not….

As I sit here at my desk on my lunch break eating my pasta with seafood and veggies that I made last night, all ingredients bought from the grocery store without even giving it a second thought, I’ve been thinking. Everyone’s been asking me these days…”What? You’re not keeping track of  the games?” No, I’m not worried about the Flames, not this year or really any year, not even when I’ve been in box seats during all the play off games…but even then I walk out of that room wondering who won anyways? I’m worried about global food prices. Forget the Flames and their million + they get a year to work a sport that they love…I know they need a job too but what I’m talking about here is something that’s deeper than entertainment. It affects all of us on so many different levels. I mean, don’t get me wrong, yeehaw for Canada and it’s rising grain prices! The Farmers are sure happy and keeping busy and we certainly aren’t short of food, just notice the pricier milk and bread nowadays but overall we’re doing well. But what about the less fortunate that can’t afford it now?

What about the rest of the world? What about Haiti? They’re already the poorest country in the western hemisphere, my heart goes out to them because they now rely on dirt as a source of calcium (yes, dirt!) and even the more poor rely on mud as a daily staple in their diet. In Egypt, people are dying in line while they wait for subsidized bread. Dying in line for SUBSIDIZED BREAD! I cried when I read that and I can barely type this note now without tears falling on my keyboard. If mother nature is the cause for all of this then what does that mean for the future? The question isn’t what is the world coming to? It’s what has this world come to? We’re all part of it. Yes, even you and you don’t even realize it even though it’s not intentional. It’s the cycle of life.

The price of food has risen drastically and we don’t see it because it’s not advertised in our face like gas prices. We don’t see the people in other countries suffering because where they live and grow their food they are being taken advantage of and practically raped. Have we fought enough over oil that we can’t fight anymore so let’s move on to something else? Food? This planet is supposed to hold a common human species that should love each other and work together but we want to kill each other for what we have, how immoral. Obviously the reason why the world is suffering because there’s so much primitive activity reverting back to Neanderthal days I think. Sometimes I look into the stars at night and think that maybe I was put on the wrong planet. I have my own problems and times are tough being a single mom and taking care of my mother and just getting by (thanks for reading), but when put into perspective I have my health, I have the best son ever, my mom is alive, I have a great job, my friends are my family, I have a roof over my head, food in the fridge and a not bad shoe collection! So next time when the when you’re having a bad day, smile about it because I bet you could make a list like mine of all the wealth you possess. And when the Flames aren’t doing so well, just remember that team that got booted out before was even worse.

So if you don’t want to be a part of the evil in this world, or better yet, you want to be part of the angel team, then stand up and use your voice!!! Make a difference even if you think it’s a small gesture; it all adds up. Next time when you’re at your favorite grocery store, notice the prices of food and buy a damn $5 hamper!!! Not only today, but everyday, be grateful for everything that you have even if you think it’s less than what someone else has or deserves. Because what someone else has I’m sure they deserved too. One of the hardest things for people to do is be sincerely happy for others. How can you be happy for someone if you can’t be happy for yourself first? Do something nice for someone today. Tell someone you love them. Just do it…don’t hold back. Why are people so hesitant on telling someone they love them but can instantly tell someone they hate them. I love you and thank you for reading! Sorry so short, lunch is over and I’m going into a meeting. (This was true but as the Virgo I am a had to just read over it before publishing so just getting it out now rushed.)

Love. It’s the highest frequency. Tune in sometime.

~Rina xoxo

The world isn’t running out of gas or food, it’s running out of souls. Be a star and light up the world…every star counts.

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