The Organizational Benefits of Personal Leadership Effectiveness

With the oil crisis and what’s happening with the economy globally, businesses are looking to change processes to become more effective. Efficiency in human capitalism plays a key role in the success of any business where lay offs have been rolling out like hot cakes. Keeping skilled employees in the right jobs is still proving to be an important factor in the current economic climate; however, many businesses are finding that to keep the engine of a business going they need to invest more in to their people.

Personal Leadership Effectiveness is what makes a successful organization, it doesn’t matter if a person is the President, CEO, a manager or a valued employee. The foundation of personal leadership is all in a person’s “character”, which essentially is who they are at their core, their fundamental qualities.

To gain a competitive advantage, people must govern themselves and lead from within. A successful organization dedicates their leadership to their employees by building and sustaining their culture and know that their modus operandi could not be played out authentically if they don’t focus on a strong character-centered personal leadership foundation.

In this time, there’s a massive amount of pressure on supervisors and managers to successfully operate through organizational challenges without losing productivity and with the fluctuating economy it just means their jobs are more challenging. Companies are looking to be more efficient and effective at their business so training and investing in employees plays a crucial role in the success of any business in any industry no matter what the economy is like.

The following are some key benefits that occur when organizations embrace the importance of change and of personal leadership.
  • Vested Culture Environment – A person’s character and their behaviour have a huge influence on the culture of any organization. Recruiting, developing and maintaining the right employees are the key fundamentals of any successful corporation. When an organization makes the commitment to hire, promote and sustain the Personal Leadership Effectiveness of its people, an empowered culture will ultimately be created which will drive greater results, at lower costs, while mitigating their overall human capital risks.
  • Improved Hiring Processes – One of the toughest things for any business to do is to hire the right people to get on the same culture bus.  When dealing with expertise acquisition matters, it is important for an organization to identify those character and behavioral personal leadership traits that support the desired culture of the organization and that are essential for long-term success in specific hiring positions. When organizations recruit people who are in alignment with those traits and their M.O., their probability of success and retention increase notably.
  • Greater Productivity – People that possess strong personal leadership competencies are usually self-motivated and they don’t live with a sense of entitlement. They are coachable, they are hard workers, they always maintain a positive attitude and strive to develop healthy working relationships with others. Quality leaders and employees are people who consistently exercise  and continually develop good personal leadership habits, they operate at peak performance because they are not held back by personal baggage or drama such as, stress, unhealthy relationships, insensitivity or other conflicts and inhibitions.
  • Effective Team Work – When a person demonstrates and owns strong personal leadership skills and core competencies, they are capable of leading themselves, which in most cases assists them better in directing and engaging with others more effectively through collaboration and a sense of unity. As well, when a person is committed to improving their Personal Leadership Effectiveness, they tend to be more aware and conscious of the way they communicate with others and is usually in a less biased and non-confrontational manner, which leads to minimizing and clearing up conflicts as well as fostering mutual respect that comes from a place of love.
  • Increased Retention – It costs a good amount of money to hire the right people, so turnover and the loss of quality, skilled people can be very expensive for any organization, in any industry. Research supports that exceptional employees are seeking opportunities with organizations that has formal processes in place for them to grow and develop. More and more people are dissatisfied with their jobs not because of their scope of work but because they feel that although they are growing within the company they are not growing within themselves. Quality skills are required for the job they perform, but personal leadership development and coaching that will help them grow personally and professionally and will help them perform better at work with a feeling of purpose.
  • Heightened Company Morale – Have you ever been in a company where there was one bad apple that drove the rest of the good apples out and you wondered why they kept that bad apple? Many companies have lost exceptional workers because of some bad people. Quality employees desire to be part of a “winning team” and they want to be engaged in a positive work environment with other quality people. A collection of good people boosts company morale but it only takes one negative employee who hates their job or life to lower it at a rapid rate.
  • Personal Responsibility – When a person is committed to improving their personal leadership competencies they become more aware and responsible on their goals. They learn to make things happen, make conscious decisions and have a strong sense of accountability not only to themselves, but also to those that are impacted by their actions. These individuals will typically have a strong work ethic, they are more focused and organized, and take pride in their work. Developing these traits will not only help a person to be successful in all areas of their life, but will set them apart from the crowd and make them a valuable asset to any organization they work for.
  • Personal Security – When a person knows who they truly are and what they value, they are able to live consistently and authentically from this foundation. People like this are usually more secure and emotionally stable and are pleasant to work with. When people invest in developing their character at work and in private, over time their private and public lives become more in alignment and they will no longer have to use their energy pretending to be something they are not. They can live consistently and confidently, not taking anything personally and be rooted in who they really are and make  decisions that are from this value system making them less filled with worries, assumptions and unresolved conflicts. These people perform at their maximum performance.
  • Improved Self-Esteem – What most people see in themselves are not what other see. It is all relative but whether it is a positive or negative view it will always be an influence on a person’s daily life, personally or professionally. When someone is secure and has a sense of serenity of who they are, they are usually living a life that is rich, balanced, focused and secure. These people are typically humbled, effective and has a healthy mind with a good dose of humility in order to grow and develop and be a valuable asset to any group they participate in.
  • Need Others – Most people, whether they will admit it or not, need to others. We all need others in some way to be supported as well as to give support to others; we are here to serve others. In reality, most people function at their best when they feel needed and when they have others to uplift them and support them.  A person that has the genuine intent to help others always demonstrates strong personal leadership skills and are always caring, encouraging, trustworthy and listens more than they speak. They make it a point to be accountable to themselves and to others, putting their word out there and keeping their word.
  • Personal Achievement – Most people have a difficult time moving toward success because they have not yet clearly defined what it is to them. Everyone wants to succeed but the key component is asking what the definition of success is personally and professionally and what are the steps to get there. I like using a wellness wheel to measure the 7 pillars success and achievement. Often media, or current economy situations, tend to influence and distort the person’s view of success but with clear goals, focus, a mentor or coach, it can be achieved in a way that is satisfying and not stressful.
  • Personal Significance – The issue of “personal significance” is a major factor in today’s working environment and like I mentioned before, employees are no longer satisfied with what they are doing anymore if it doesn’t play a part of their growth for what they want to achieve in their personal lives and has a direct correlation to employee retention and turn over. If a person does not have a sense of personal significance in what they are doing on the job then the desire is insatiable and the employer risks losing the employee. Too often corporations focus only on what employees can do for the company and not reciprocating anything else but financially. It is important to take time to know your employees and make the effort the help them achieve their goals.

These days, many people are leaving their jobs to start their own business or to be with a company that truly cares about their people. It’s a cut throat world out there and if your corporation does not focus on the right people then your business will always be about replacing employees making it difficult for your business to grow when all you are focused on is hiring the wrong people. Instead of focusing on how your business can be efficient and make more money, focus on how you can be effective in helping your people grow and maximizing their talents – they are there for you and as an employer and leader you must lead by example. A developed, happy and recognized employee will make the engine of your business go faster.

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