The Formula for Achieving Personal Leadership

  1. Take charge and make things happen. Avoid having a victim mentality and take responsibility for being disciplined and creating new habits that lead to being proactive and positive; and so you can be responsive instead of reactive.
  2. Live life with a massive sense of significance. Develop a healthy self-concept, looking at yourself in the mirror and being happy with who you are, recognize your uniqueness and realize you can make a huge difference. Every situation presented is an opportunity to grow.
  3. Embrace all challenges as positive opportunities. It is CRITICAL to have a positive attitude in any situation. Embracing a negative situation and not letting it go causes stress that can demoralize your individual performance and your overall productivity in all parts of your wellness wheel. Using that energy will only attract more of what you put out there.

  1. Shape and master a values-based lifestyle. Learn to build a values system around foundational “character- based principles”.
  2. Define your vision, mission and purpose. Live with a sense of destiny, excitement and meaning with purpose and awareness and worthiness.
  3. Practice balance in all aspects of your life. Balance can be easily lost when a person becomes out of control, they may become highly susceptible to stress, anger, fear, depression and most often even burnout. It is critical to build balance into your life if you are to maximize your personal leadership efficiency in a healthy and productive way that satiates each pillar of life.
  4. Resolve challenges and conflicts. Learn then recognize the importance of listening, how to confront people properly, positively, without the need to retaliate and to know when to empathize at the right time.
  5. Cultivate your soul character. Your character will determine ultimately the quality of your relationships, your contribution at work, in your community, at home with friends and in society at large.
  6. Continue adjusting to obstacles. You must learn to make mid-course corrections to tweak your path if it goes off the straight line as well, how to deal with constant change. History is filled with success stories, whereby extremely successful individuals overcame enormous challenges and barriers in their life to press on and accomplish great things.
  7. Never give up or quit on the things that you have chosen that are important to you. Failing is never a fail because most often we learn from those hard falls. But fall forward is the healthy way to pick yourself up and not let it affect you. It’s like riding a bike for the first time and now you have mastered it.

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