There are No Coincidences

Have you ever felt that what you do is so mundane? Or felt disappointed when things didn’t go as expected? Are you waiting for something that is taking much too long to finalize? When you get emotions like these and start to feel down you need not.

There are no coincidences; everything happens for a reason. A detour takes you onto another path, a friendship’s true colours come out, a flight has been delayed, why? We will never truly know but trust that God has plan for us. So when things are not sitting right with you, it’s a sign, a sign that your sixth sense is giving you, perhaps screaming at you; an opportunity for change, an opportunity for you to step up. 

When you are already late for a meeting and you realize you have to turn around and go back home because you forgot something, just know that Angels are looking out for you. Every moment that has passed, the good experiences and the not so good ones, have been created to bring you to where you are now, as you are always preparing for your next chapter. When the student is ready the teacher appears.

But if you think you know everything then your journey will be that much more difficult because you are closed off to new information. That is a whole other topic that I will discuss in a later post. Remember a time where you were doing something that you felt was useless to you, now do you remember a time where you actually had to use that skill set at another job or project? That is what I’m talking about. We don’t do things for the sake of doing things, we are building our skill set, we are putting more tools in the life kit.

Enjoy your Monday, be grateful you are employed because it takes care of your bills and family but don’t sell your soul to the devil, life goes by so fast and if you don’t take the time to truly enjoy, then the memories will be fleeting of a montage of all the stresses and fight for only a career.

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