The Modern Leader of Influence

The world needs more Leaders. The world needs You. Step out of fear and step into the LIGHT with your ultimate LEADERSHIP skills. To be a great leader in all that you do, having healthy relationships with Self is the start so that you can be the most effective with others, and be at optimal performance at work, with family, and at socials; it is they key to all success.

The word ‘leader’ has only been used to celebrate the history and footprint that people of this incredible quality have left in the world’s history books; but what about the leaders that are in our own country, our own community, our network of friends, and right in our family that have influenced, inspired and have touched our hearts in similar ways, not on a global scale, but in a loving way where we were moved by it and became a better person because of it and it changed us for the better completely. Often we do not give ourselves enough credit for the leadership that we perform on a daily basis because of the leadership gap.

Being a modern day leader is about keeping your head up, looking around corners, adapting to change, being effective through the ability to listen and to articulate in a way that relates to people and touches people’s hearts by sparking that little flame inside with passion. No one is born with leadership, but if you have the desire and willpower to excite those around you while gaining a bigger circle through connecting with a diverse network of people who think differently and are open to hearing your voice then you are becoming an authentic leader. The old ways of leadership training is passé and with the 21st century world which is more global, digitally enabled and very transparent with faster speeds of flow and innovation, the ambition to persevere must be active.

Know that when you use your voice, stand your ground, stand for what you believe in and you are courageous enough to leave a practice that has made you successful in the past (I repeat, in the past) and go into the future through innovation and creativity and conviction, then you are a powerful Modern Leader of Influence. Leaders don’t just have followers, they always lead others to become leaders too; they influence and motivate people to become better than who they were they day before and to reach whatever goals they strive for. Excellent leaders are continually skilling up to improve their leadership skills so that they can show it and teach it to others. They have a willingness to learn and they are literally shaping their future by being proactive instead of reacting to it, living by choice and not by default.

You don’t need to wear tights and a cape and save the world to be a leader. We have all been leaders throughout our entire lives; we have lead in business, with friends and colleagues, at school, in our community, with our family. We celebrate our birthdays, milestones, anniversaries, but the one thing that needs to be celebrated the most is our leadership skills. It’s in all of us. But it’s up to you to recognize it and unleash it within because the world needs YOU.

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