Leadership Through Wisdom and Integrity

Leaders have vision, they think outside of the box, they are sharp and quick on their feet looking into the future making intelligent decisions and usually have the craziest ideas. But even the most brilliant, quickest, smartest leader is not the most effective without grace, wisdom and integrity. Great intellect has no guarantee of good judgement and good judgement comes from experience turned into wisdom. When leaders come from a place of integrity, it comes from the core of who they truly are and when they put themselves out there it takes a lot of courage and that also comes with a whole new level of responsibility and accountability and respect.

Leading with conviction trumps intellect and one’s character shines through and is  much more successful when connecting with people especially having a strong moral base with genuine values who stand above the rest. Trust is the key when leading. When people feel cared for the connection is so much stronger and that trust grows willingly without the need to convince. When people trust you their fear is minimized and they gain admiration and appreciation for you.

The surface characteristics of a leader is clever and analytical and gets the attention but to keep that trust going, and flourishing, a leader must be humble, honest and lead with a noble heart. The more open and honest you are with yourself the more people see you for who you truly are. They feel a deeper connection because they can relate to you. Being analytical is great for the gravy but an open mind is the meat of it all and when you are open to listening and allowing others to be heard and understood the reward of that exceeds anything you could get back in external material gratitude.

When we see a leader we often think they have a perfect score board, but leaders are not born, leaders work hard at  developing themselves through humility and life lessons that have allowed them the opportunity to grow and step into their light. When you put all the ingredients for a great leader together your leadership is then clearly defined and meaningful, you have purpose, and an honourable destiny. Integrity is the sum of who you truly are. It’s not a process, it’s who you know you are deep down and without letting others falter it. It’s standing up, standing tall and standing your ground, using your voice and leading others to be leaders as well.

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