The Importance of a Professional Head Shot

Today, most people have an online presence. And if you are in business then it is extremely important that you have invested in a professional image and find a photographer that can capture the true essence of you and your business. With the power of the internet and social media, research says 97% of consumers do their probing online first before purchasing a product, or service, making that the frst impression of the company. Besides the obvious of what consumers are looking for, price, quality, service, they are also looking to see who they are going to be dealing with. So a compelling head shot for some professionals can often be the difference between acquiring a new client, or job, or not. And if you are a solo-preneur then you have to market yourself to the point that you do not have competition but that you dominate your industry. So when you show your clients that you care about your image then that lets them know that you are going to care for them the same way.

Take a scroll through LinkedIn and notice how many people do not have a professional head shot and you’d be surprised that so many have even used selfies, or have unclear photos or have photos cropped out from a bar or group shot. If you want people to take you seriously then it is essential that you pay for a professional head shot for your business and reputation. A good professional photographer will know how to get you to relax in front of the camera, get the best poses out of you and provide suggestions to accentuate the best stance for your body type and style. Your photo must match your business. If you are usually very casual then keep it casual. Nothing more surprising when you think you’re going to meet someone that is well put together and then they show up in joggers creating a huge disconnect. Your head shot must be up to date. If you have made major changes to your look then make sure your head shot reflects that, leaving no surprises when going to a business meeting.

For your professional head shot ensure that you get professional hair and make up done as well. I have been working with Jennifer Peters of JK Photography as well as Grey Monkee Photography and she is absolutely incredible, professional and creative. I highly recommend her for all of the things that I have mentioned in what to look for in a photographer. Please visit her sites and contact her for a consultation.  Congratulations on stepping up your image for the sake of your business.


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