Love in the First Degree

From what I’ve seen…often women go into a relationship seeing the potential that their life long partner has to meet a certain criteria. But the men never change and the women cannot accept it which they should’ve done in the first place upon accepting them into their lives.

Then most men fall in love, or are captured, by a woman for how they present and emanate themselves to be but later finds out in the relationship the woman changes. Is that something anyone should accept? False advertising is not acceptable in any case. A metaphor for that is perhaps like how a woman will wear a beautiful mask and invite a man in for dinner and as soon as she’s got him she takes that mask off and the man is like “Whoa, this isn’t the person I fell in love with.” I hear that all the time. ALL the time. It seems like people go into a relationship not truly believing that this is who that person truly is then as they ignore any red flag, then later realize that that is not what they wanted in a person and then try to change them instead of accepting who they really are.

True love is acceptance. If you have to justify being with someone that isn’t right for you then you will never be satisfied. Ever. You will always be chasing that in someone that can’t be someone they are not. If you think that your love and direction will change someone it won’t. People do not change. If they do change it’s because they want to for themselves and never for someone else. When somebody changes for someone then they are not their true self and are obviously lost and take on the direction that that person is giving them. They are the image of what the other person wants them to be. That will never work out because if the person trying to change that person wasn’t happy in the first place with their choice and whom they have committed to then by changing that person and that person changing for them is love in the false degree. A true connection is if both people are happy and complete with themselves instead of finding a connection to complete them. Forget the ridiculous saying form Jerry McGuire, “You complete me.” Barf. Vomit. Hurl. Women melted over that! If a man ever said that to me I’d send him back on his journey to find himself first.

If you have to change yourself for someone then who are you being true to? True pure love is all about acceptance. How can you accept someone else’s being if you can’t accept yours? Therefore, how can you love someone if you can’t love You? We all have faults or what others think are our faults. If they are our faults and we know they are then why don’t we change faults? In that case, why do we think we can change someone else’s faults? If you are not willing to accept something then it’s up to you to change it and if you absolutely cannot change it then must be willing to accept it. Either way those are the only 2 choices. Complaining, regretting or hurting from it are not acceptable choices. But the one and only real option is to love. Just love. Just care. Just accept. Just have good intentions. Love is the highest frequency and it always sends positive vibes. When you find someone whom you don’t have to change or that you don’t have to change for, only then is when you will find love; amplified. Unconditionally. In the first degree. I hope that all made sense. It’s late and I apologize for any spelling or grammar mistakes. Sweet thoughts, Rina x Remember this always: “I” always comes first in the alphabet, then “U”.

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