11 Steps to Writing a New Life Chapter

Today is the first blank page of your new chapter for 2016 . Write with passion and with blue ink, white paper, always the way to go, don’t ask me why but a mentor of mine said it’s best and I would trust him with my life. You are the creator and author of your own story so leave the past behind but take any bad experiences and use them as stepping stones towards your success. Know that the power is always in the present. As we flip through the pages of our life, we relive a montage of memories bringing up different emotions through our ups and downs of our journey. We laugh, we cry, we love, we hurt, we win, we lose, we falter, but through it all we grow stronger. The new year is a time of this reflection in order to move forward with clarity, and for some, a deep passion to never re-write any of the previous chapters. But as you write, remember that if it were to be your last page, what will your book say about you? What would your story tell to your audience? How you write today forward will determine the foundation and actions you will have to make in order to have a successful year.

If you didn’t like last year’s chapter or  how your story is unfolding, you have all the power in your magical pen to change it. Remember, you can’t rewrite your life but you can always start a new chapter. You are not defined by where you came from (what’s done is done), what your situation is now (what if is a waste of mental energy), what’s the most important is where you want to go. I have asked to hear of some new years resolutions from friends or new people I meet and most say they don’t have any yet, or that they don’t make them anymore because they don’t work. News flash: many people are great at setting goals, but they don’t work because they don’t take the time to make a plan for each goal. Aaaaah…therein lies the problem, it’s not that the goal doesn’t work, it’s the person has no action plan to work towards it. There is no better time like today to be the standard for your personal theme of success. Don’t allow ten years or even one more year go by while you keep looking back with regret and what ifs because those turn into ‘I shouldas’.

  1. Boss up to a critical assessment of your life and career
  2. Give yourself a powerful voice
  3. Give yourself a character a make over
  4. Get rid of characters that add drama to your story line
  5. Surround yourself with notable characters that add value and positive excitement to the story
  6. Have a co-director – a coach/mentor/confidante
  7. Write a great story line that you love
  8. Base your story in a vibrant setting
  9. Think about the ending and get creative writing the middle
  10. Know what’s at stake if the story is not written in the time frame you have set
  11. Publish it with honour

It doesn’t matter what chapter or phase of the book you’re currently in because each day presents a new blank page, another opportunity to write something new. And it’s up to you. This is your life and legacy. Write your story the way you want to live it.

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