A Personal Post on Paying it Forward

I don’t usually publish personal posts on LinkedIn but it seemed to hit home for so many Facebook friends that I thought I would share it with my teammates here to spread the love. I wasn’t looking for praise, or an award; however, the power of social media proved to do exactly what my intentions are for this platform, sharing thought provoking ideas, evoking passion and inspiring others, uniting as an Earth community (obviously with the exception of China and other countries that do not allow social media).

I never wake up with the news, nor do I watch it before bed, I actually don’t watch a minute of trash-vision, so last night right before I closed my laptop for the night, a friend from across the boarder was inspired by my story and gave another family hope and even shared my story with them as he filled up their gas tank when the man could only afford to put in $7 and of course there was more to the story but the point is that what a beautiful story it was all because he was touched by my story below. 

So when you see me hustling hard it is so that I have the means to do this for my family, and for other families, so I can have the freedom to volunteer and do all the charitable work I desire when I want and how I want. I remember as a young girl all I wanted to do was volunteer and do good as my career but as reality set in I needed money, so I got a job in oil and gas but I was bound to the 9 – 5 desk and addicted to the two week paycheque and the Fridays whooping it up and partying like an alcoholic to take my mind off the horrible weeks I had trading time for money. Thank God that is over, anyhow, don’t get me started that’s for another time and post. Keep rocking away and be someone’s angel today and everyday!!

Saturday, January 9th, 2016: My heart was just broken.

On my way home from an insanely inspirational and heartwarming event that got me so pumped up I decided to stop off at the grocery store to get myself a treat, a dozen cans of roasted coconut juice. As I was in line, the lady in front of me was checking out (most of her groceries were all yellow labelled) with her little girl that was about 6 years old and she reminded me of when I was little with her cute bangs and animal mittens, sweet as pie and well behaved. I noticed that her mom was watching the tab on the till and as things were getting scanned she was putting some things aside waiting for the total then she would take some things back and have the clerk take it off the bill – clearly she was on a strict budget.

The cashier was ringing in the last of her groceries, she got a subtotal and had to leave behind some more items at this point I was nearly in tears trying to keep it together looking at the items that to some were easily affordable. So as she was bagging her groceries I picked up a few of her items without her noticing and then I gave them to her. She had no clue what just happened. I told her I paid for them and she was so shocked she was nearly in tears and her daughter was so happy to get the donuts she wanted, she thanked me with such sincerity and I left as fast as I could because I had to get into my car and bawl my eyes out.

I sat in my car and I bawled my eyes out because I was once that little girl where we were so poor my mother could barely afford to have dinner on a daily. Then I started bawling for the people at the Drop-In Centre who I had never seen there before that were new and in their nice clothes and nice bags and were there for a meal. I started bawling for the people that need to go to the food bank for food. And I have been bawling trying to get this damn story out to you.

I am no hero, nor do I claim to be, but I am an able body, full of love and compassion for everyone; and if I can help make someone’s day and let them know that there are people that do care and if that gives them hope then that makes me happy. Already, this year’s events have solidified for me, even more, the will and mental toughness to never stop fighting for families because if I can save them from the struggles my mom had when I was growing up then I am doing my job well and I can feel it deep, deep down in my soul and I know it in my heart that what I do is my calling. God bless you all and if you have been affected by the economy all I can say is to just keep pushing through this business cycle. What you are going through is not permanent and if you can get through this you can get through anything and know there are many opportunities out there you just have to open your eyes and let go of Ego and do what you have to do. Let’s help each other out because that’s what we as humans were meant to do.

The holiday spirit continues and I am loving it!!!!

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