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The internet has changed many aspects of our lives, It has disrupted how we communicate with each other, how we keep track of our finances, how we perform research, and most of all where and how consumers purchase products and services. Being in the insurance and financial services industry, i’s quite upsetting to me when I learn about people who are misled by online insurance companies that appeal to consumers that are looking for convenience and offer empty promises through flashy advertisements and catchy phrases that promise for low cost insurance coverage, great service, no medicals and a buildable policy that you can change at any time. Buyer beware! Shopping for any kind of insurance online could be compared to self-diagnosing online when it comes to your health and could lead to a sticky situation. In other words, this can often be a dangerous and misleading venture that could take your family down. I understand that most people have hectic schedules and may not find it convenient to make a doctor’s appointment to be checked but there is no way to provide enough details on an online self-diagnosis and doing that could cost much more than a low-cost, cheap policy. The point is, in each case, much more information is required to be gathered and evaluated by a live trained, experienced professional to yield the correct diagnosis and potential course of treatment and program.

Shopping online for any kind of insurance protection for your home (don’t get me started on this one), auto, or business can also be extremely risky. The coverage differences between an online policy and a policy that’s customized by an insurance professional for an individual’s specific needs is absolutely not easy for a consumer to detect. A proper insurance professional reviews the policies and explains the differences between each one and how they all have different impacts when it comes down to need for services or claims, and an even better, more trusted agent goes through the fine print with you so that you understand what you have.

Often, consumers don’t find out about these differences until it’s too late. They’re happy in the beginning because the process seems so easy and the price is cheap and perhaps they trust their agent as it was a referral, or sometimes even a family member.  However, when a claim occurs, the level of satisfaction usually goes downhill quickly as they find out that the protection and service itself was indeed cheap and none of the truth of the policy was explained at the very beginning. I see this quite often. These differences leave consumers with inadequate coverage for claims and lack of service knowledge and support and that gives the insurance industry a bad name. It’s all over the news on policies imploding or all of a sudden a policy lapses leaving the client without coverage and in most cases losing all of their money in their ‘cash’ value policy. Unfortunately, the majority of people cannot recover from such an incident. Imagine taking an online quiz regarding your health, and when it comes time to pay your beneficiary they will get more detailed there on your health so basically what you provided in the quiz will not suffice for the claim. So, if you know anything about life insurance, its sole purpose is that in the event of a premature death your family will be taken care of – it is not to rely on as an investment. Trust no one – Educate yourself so that you can make the right decision for you and your family and get second opinions. 

My team, and I, are here to help our fellow Albertans as highly trained, knowledgeable and experienced insurance professionals so that we can help educate you to make knowledge-based decisions that can protect you in the future from financial jeopardy.  In addition, a professional, human connection can also help you to secure protection that not only meets your needs, but fits your budget as well.  So in other words, a good insurance professional has you in their best interest and will help you to secure “well priced” insurance protection specifically to your needs, not just “cheap” insurance protection.  There is a huge difference. Please don’t find this out when it’s too late. Make time for the important things in life and let’s ensure that you have enough coverage to properly protect you and your family and if you don’t have a need for life insurance you don’t need to be spending money making insurance companies richer. Please click here to connect with me.

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